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95 BPM01:13
A haunting bell-like harmonics melody and low drones lead into a sinister sounding, mechanical combination of low drum hit patterns and ominous soundscapes.

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90 BPM01:18
Low resonating drones, powerful percussion and distorted bass lead into an unhinged groove with heavy guitar and shredded drum hits.
120 BPM00:46
aggressive, intense, powerful, heavy
120 BPM01:22
Production Elements - Sound Design - Soundtrack. A haungting score with an array of driving rhythmic instruments, ambient sounds, and a string rise. Medium. Full Mix.
81 BPM02:14
Atmospheric - Film & TV. Scary horror drone with technologic noise sounds. Full Mix
110 BPM01:09
A fear-inspiring blend of tormented, distorted synthesizer tones and towering hits with mechanical torture chamber sounds ramping up to a powerful hit.
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