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126 BPM02:32
Percussion steadily builds to a full driving drum kit plus rhythm section under repetitive piano figures and wintry synth pads and soundscapes. Version - Full Mix
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133 BPM02:34
Shimmering electric guitars and ethereal synthesizers create a soft glowing wash of positivity and optimistic atmospheres.
128 BPM02:15
Pop - Adult Contemporary. Acoustic pop with a clean cut image. 128 bpm. Full Mix.
120 BPM02:19
This emotional heartfelt pop rock sway along will encircle you as the pensive melodic piano, passionate clean electric guitars, and emotive driving live drums create a picture of love, longing, and romance. This piece will enhance your Reality TV, Drama, or Commercial. Dreamy, Romantic, Heartfelt, Inspirational.
118 BPM01:34
This heartwarming and inspired acoustic pop-rock anthem uplifts with bright guitars, melodic piano motifs and spirited rhythm section all pushing proudly forward. Positive, driving and vivacious.
125 BPM01:44
A positive sounding indie rock track gently eases in with spacey guitar delays over a driving muted acoustic guitar. Strings and synth ambience creates a cool atmospheric feel as the track jumps into an edgy rocking chorus covered in shimmering string lines. Version - Full Mix
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