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100 BPM01:59
Distorted slide guitar leads, punchy drums and angst filled guitar riffs create an edgy and raw tune with an aggressive attitude. Version - Full Mix

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90 BPM02:23
Bold and determined revival rock beginning layers to intense, frenzied and passionate finish.
75 BPM02:08
Slow rock intro, macho and masculine, men and motors, outdoors, sense of freedom and adventure.
92 BPM02:06
Loping American three-chord with some twists and turns.
87 BPM02:29
This kind of rock comes with a side of fries! Strong, walking pace groove with a strutting guitar riff and Hammond licks.
105 BPM02:17
Rock - Inde - Rock. Younve just received the bad news and you are trying to deal with the fallout. Ripping electric guitar lead over backing rhythm section featuring an organ part. Full Mix.
93 BPM02:08
Blues. Electric guitars and head banging beats make this blues piece rock. Intensifies with edgy guitar riffs. Rock - Blues. Full Mix.
110 BPM02:02
Huge and confident, steady mid tempo classic rock groove. Massive drums. Classic harmonizing guitars ease along in a cocky strut. Wild, soaring solo at 1:00.
130 BPM02:16
Sports - Action. Heavy drum and guitar intro, electric guitar never gives up. Full Mix.
107 BPM02:02
Rock - 1960s, 1970s, Classic, Sports - Lively, Energy, Party, Festival. An up beat, light hearted and rollicking pop riff rocker.
98 BPM01:02
Steady, uplifting southern rock track with drawling guitars, bass, drums and Hammond organ.
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