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0 BPM02:03
Pulsating, suspense, atmospheric, mysterious, evolving, foreboding, tension, an ominous drum pulse creating a tensed mysterious atmosphere, a hypnotic heartbeat feel with evolving spacy percussion, Film/TV, movie, documentary, drama, trailer, promo, news stories, fiction, moving, atmosphere, tension, suspense, discovery, challenge, modern adventure, cliffhanger, expedition, travel, drive, flight, nature, wildlife, safari, hunting, africa, tribe, tribal dance, ethnic, ancient culture, archaic, history, cult, ritual, investigation, crime, thriller, mystery, mystic, fantasy, science, new media, video, computer game, commercial, ad, underscore, bed, theme, soundtrack, contemporary acoustic

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88 BPM01:08
Ambient steel drum is joined by other mysterious metallic and bell melodies over string chords and low synth tones. Version - Full Mix
130 BPM01:07
Bizarre metallic and wood percussion sequences cut through a thick skin of creepy synths and tense soundscapes. Version - Full Mix
122 BPM00:55
fierce cinematic drum & percussion beats coated with suspenseful string textures. distorted, dark, intriguing, alarmed; slowly building in intensity, apocalyptic feel @ 0'33, 122.80 BPM, Full Mix
100 BPM01:41
tapping woodblocks mark the rhythm as the taiko and wadaiko drums are pounded, deep yet delicate percussion. a constant ghostly hum whistles as the spirit is awakened during the ceremony, 100 BPM
72 BPM02:16
Minimal and haunting intro, percussion, ticking and frightening sound effects, elements of middle east, terror, crime and conflict.
160 BPM01:11
Pushy and agitated percussion echoes under bizarre sound effects with a restless, uneasy feel. Version - Full Mix
82 BPM03:05
Dark and perplexing, featuring pulsating drones and percussion that create a dismal, sinister mood.
72 BPM01:00
Mysterious, Intriguing, Powerful, Compelling. A haunting, cavernous percussive adventure piece builds to a climactic ending. Slow tempo. Drama - Mystery, Adventure. 72 BPM. 60 Second.
130 BPM01:25
Building Primal Drums, Percussion And Marimba. Discovering Bones & Booty. Version - Full Mix
104 BPM02:48
Tension filled strings and percussion. A loose,sonic pallette paints a picture both powerful and disturbing . There's a villian around here somewhere. Version - Full Mix
110 BPM01:16
stealthy percussion, suspenseful halftime drum beat, stabs. resonating. synth, electronica. dynamic, tense, suspicious - 110 BPM, Full Mix
93 BPM03:23
arcane and potentially dangerous, subtle, dark, ominous string movements, pounding synth and drums, swells, claustrophobic feel, something illegal in progress - 93 BPM, Full Mix
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