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0 BPM04:48
Bright, optimistic, easy moving pop-rock theme with piano, drumset with brushes, acoustic guitar and wah-guitar, building up, Film/TV, movie, drama, documentary, news stories, reality-tv, urban, lifestyle, atmospheric, fun, holiday, family, summer, feel good, nature, emotion, themes, trailer, ads, promo's, weather channel, underscore, prestige, bed, homepage, entertainment, instrument, contemporary acoustic, melodic

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120 BPM01:39
An upbeat electric guitar and fiddle melody over a mellow groove with choppy, tom-driven drum patterns and strumming acoustic guitars.
131 BPM03:35
easygoing, delicate and warm, lively. piano, guitar, building with drums. an uplifting mid-tempo soundtrack for the pretty little things in life - C major, 131 BPM, Full Mix
91 BPM03:07
A charming, emotional and modern country pop song with a loving, caring aesthetic and feelings of uplifting positivity and elation.
105 BPM04:04
Leisure & Lifestyle. Country Rock, Travelling, Road Trip, Holiday, Vacation, Journey, Rural, Agricultural, Reality TV, Heartland, Farming. Full Mix.
120 BPM02:39
Rock - Alternative. After a sparse intro things build gradually to each chorus, until the big payoff (and bridge section) - a section of Irish-inspired alt-pop with enough energy to knock that bare-chested dancing dude on his ass. If your feet are not moving by then, you must be dead (or English). Full Mix.
129 BPM03:20
Easy happy optimistic leisure guitar groove
100 BPM02:27
Joyous acoustic guitar and glistening piano build to a bright, uplifting chorus that instils an airy sense of contentedness and delight.
113 BPM02:23
Uplifting, building acoustic guitar melody with pounding drum beat
126 BPM01:56
A driving new country track with electric guitar and accordian melodies. Mandolin and reverse piano lead into the main electric guitar and accordian theme. The band then breaks down for the verse with drums, bass, acoustic guitar. Electric guitar fills. Version - Full Mix
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