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90 BPM01:41
Uptempo retor surf rock with a Duane Eddy lead.
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150 BPM02:04
Time for some fun in the sun with this beachy, good-time tune. Baritone tremolo guitar melody plays leads over a drum, bass, and acoustic guitar groove full of tom drum fills. Tambourine adds a sunny smile. Version - Full Mix
196 BPM01:00
A catchy, fast and driving tribute to mid 60s pop rock bands. Features a groovy retro feel.
156 BPM01:48
A carefree, fun, retro dance tune with quirky guitar melodies over a drum, bass, and acoustic guitar rhythm section. Organ jumps on top of the groove with quick stabs leading to a flowing, oddball melody. Version - Full Mix
96 BPM01:29
A fast, up-tempo retro track with a bluesy shuffle feel and a vintage sounding guitar lead. Rhythm section lays down the law with a jammin' groove while tambourine rattles in the background. Lead guitar plays sheriff with a smoking lead! Version - Full Mix
160 BPM02:25
A bouncy retro crime chase with driving rockabilly drums topped by surf rock guitars and saxophone. An ear-catching theme and underscore for light entertainment, comedy, irony and 1950s revival.
92 BPM02:01
Chugging uptempo rockabilly with exuberant energy.
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