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100 BPM02:18
Warm, happy sounds of the global village with African style guitars and choir.

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100 BPM00:33
Warm, happy sounds of the global village with African style guitars and choir.
104 BPM02:15
Junk percussion with african guitar. Homemade and happy afrojazz. Quirky, Fun and Percussive. Version - Full Mix
107 BPM03:05
Spacial uplifting mid-tempo pace with build
145 BPM06:34
Adult Contemporary - Acoustic. Acoustic Bluegrass song with synth keys. It then transitions to an upbeat track then back to Bluegrass again. Full Mix.
94 BPM02:35
Easy listening pop song with gentle Dobro theme. Sweet and romantic mood. Lay back on the sofa with a caipirinha and keep cool. Version - Full Mix
120 BPM01:46
Confident Latin Pop. Syncopated piano and guitars drive forward energetically, percussion rolling. Strong strings add power.
120 BPM02:45
Fusion, Peaceful, Jazz Club, Chic, Enthnical Instruments, Percussions, South America - Marimba, Synth, Guitar. Version - Full Mix
91 BPM02:30
Positive, relaxing piece, great as a musical background.
94 BPM03:15
Light trekking travel beatz features acoustic guitar
107 BPM02:31
Gentle and delicate folk ballad. Repetitive folk guitar pattern. Linear structure. Version - Full Mix
100 BPM02:51
Positive melodic classical guitar on an easy beat. Version - Full Mix
121 BPM04:00
Adult Contemporary - Smooth Jazz. Romantic soft jazz with a acoustic guitar solo. Version: Full Mix
105 BPM02:35
Positive acoustic guitar theme. Version - Full Mix
100 BPM03:02
Suave, swaying international Latin/pop.
100 BPM02:41
Flamenco guitar with modern beats and production effects. Version - Full Mix
108 BPM02:03
Romantic and lush with luxurious flowing piano lines and a love-struck accordion accompaniment. Harmonized nylon guitars counter the piano and carry on the relaxed, casual feel throughout. Version - Full Mix
109 BPM02:01
Happy and optimistic guitar, thumb piano, kora and percussion
160 BPM03:31
easy going guitars, wide and open atmosphere. Version - Full Mix
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