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92 BPM01:02
Dirty, medium/slow downhome blues with edgy, raspy male vocals.

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85 BPM01:02
Classic roadhouse stop-time riff, raspy male vocal, blues harp, guitar solo.
108 BPM04:00
Easy lazy blues features electric guitar and male vocals
125 BPM02:31
Blues. The perfect bluesy mixture of a swinging groovy guitar and walking bass. The harmonica and steal guitar take turns stealing the show half way through the tune. Solid drums and supportive organ. Rock - Blues. Full Mix.
139 BPM01:00
Easy riffing shuffle with male vocal, Mussel Shoals horn sound.
89 BPM01:48
Slow and bluesy solo slide guitar and soulful vocal lamentation. Version - Full Mix
60 BPM02:08
Rootsy gospel blues in the style of southern blues pioneers. Vocal. Main version.
128 BPM01:00
Loping bar-band blues with gruff vocal and horn riffs.
80 BPM02:49
Fun boompa chucka thumbpicked guitar with playful slide. Vocal. Main version.
133 BPM05:02
Features guest artists Robben Ford on guitar and Roscoe Beck on bass. Vocal. Main Version.
90 BPM02:04
Simple guitar-led blues with a deep, repetitive groove
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