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113 BPM02:56
Gentle, jaunty shuffle for strolling the cobblestone streets.

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100 BPM02:06
Positive rhythm with a spirited attitude of confidence and freedom.
115 BPM02:12
115 BPM02:12
Up-tempo rock shuffle. Version - Main
112 BPM02:59
Sitting on the edge of cliffs waiting, for a beautiful stunning view, when sunset will play the shadows, above the river running down there, in a deep cold canyon..... for a moment seems like, sunset won't ever comes. Easy Listening - Atmospheric. Full Mix
75 BPM02:54
Bittersweet youth and growing pains. Gotta grow up sometime...
118 BPM01:54
Upbeat pop with organ and electric guitar leads. Version - Full Mix
128 BPM02:32
lively irish-style theme. various guitars, hand clapping, bass. pleasant, uplifting, inviting to dance - 128 BPM, Full Mix
118 BPM02:40
This grooving and bluesy hipster pop-rock track will make you feel cool & easy. Compelling, bluesy guitars, groovy bass, moving backbeat drums with hand claps create an irresistible feel-good sound.
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