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92 BPM01:54
Autumn - Cold and ethereal sound design with plucked strings. Building. Thoughtful. Version - Full Mix

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121 BPM02:58
Simple guitar with bubbling acoustic rhythm adn synths. Happy. Version - Full Mix
100 BPM02:08
A clear quiet night, content just gazing up. Crisp sounds with freshness and personal perspective. A lovely walk home. Gentle pizzicato all sorts, kalimba, glockenspiel, mandolin. Fluffy soundclouds wafting of acoustic pleasure, D major, 100 BPM
80 BPM02:01
Gently folding your trousseau for your wooden Hope Chest. Folk Acoustica. 80 BPM. Main Mix.
70 BPM02:14
A gleaming acoustic ensemble of piano, glockenspiel, pizzicato violin, cello and mandolin tinkling away in sweet memory. Deeply woven minimal music motives suggesting calm, reflective outlooks. Nuanced positivity. Spiritual wellbeing, F major, 70 BPM
78 BPM04:12
Floating and dreamy tune, great for children programmes.
98 BPM01:41
Expansive sound design with soaring strings. New beginnings. Version - Full Mix
0 BPM01:33
Romantic, easy, heartfelt, moving, atmospheric, flowing, a mellow & touching acoustic pop theme with acoustic & electric piano, at 0:11 light guitar pulse comes in, Film/TV, movie, documentary, drama, reality tv, reportage, lifestyle, people, poetic, destiny, human stories, friendship, friends, romance, love, kiss, valentine, caring, care, child, baby, aid, help, hopeful, emotions, friendly, positive, beautiful, wonderful, touching, sensitive, beauty, memories, tale, impressions, hope, true stories, biography, moods, scenes, stories of life, emotions, sensitive, warm, peaceful, dreamy, heartwarming, sad, lonely, nostalgic, reflections, reflective, atmosphere, ambient, underscore, bed, theme, ad, commercial, melodic, contemporary acoustic
101 BPM02:14
Light antique piano melody with gentle guitars. Delicate. Version - Full Mix
102 BPM02:40
102 BPM02:40
Mysterious xylophone, vibes and glockenspeil
95 BPM02:26
Watery electric piano with strident cello and piano accents.
83 BPM02:53
Tremolo piano chords with cello and sound design. Thoughtful. Version - Full Mix
124 BPM02:32
Dreamy and strange. Sparkly synths with smooth rhythm. Version - Full Mix
75 BPM02:28
A gentle sunrise is revealed through the trees and light fills the sky. A new day is born. Medium tempo. Atmospheric - Ambient, Motivational, Human. 75 BPM. Full Mix.
80 BPM03:20
Childlike lullaby. Nylon guitar & glockenspiel. Innocent dreamy melodic.
128 BPM02:01
Acoustic guitar ripples under silvery percussion & sound design. Summer haze. Nature & Wildlife, Documentary - Life Stories, Factual, Science & New Technology, Lifestyle - cooking, travel, gardening, countryside. Version - Full Mix
70 BPM02:27
Warm and dreamy, featuring sparkly bells and flowing piano that create a nostalgic and heartfelt mood.
130 BPM02:08
Ambient Soundscape With Growing Piano & Guitar. Delicate To Strong. Version - Full Mix
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