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98 BPM00:30
Relaxed circular nature theme features guitar & percussion. Laid back & confident 30Sec

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98 BPM02:43
Relaxed circular nature theme features guitar & percussion. Laid back & confident
106 BPM02:29
Feel-good rhythm track with acoustic and electric guitar melody. Version - Full Mix
98 BPM01:00
Inspiring soft rock hopeful positive human interest friendly warm intimate nature rural fresh relaxed lifestyle
122 BPM02:23
Laid back relaxed lifestyles soft percussive rhythm full version acoustic guitar
0 BPM02:13
Easy going, romantic, positive, moving, atmospheric, flowing, smooth, mellow acoustic pop theme with acoustic & electric piano and light string orchestra, Film/TV, movie, documentary, drama, reality tv, reportage, lifestyle, people, poetic, destiny, human stories, friendship, friends, romance, love, valentine, caring, care, aid, help, hopeful, child, emotions, friendly, beautiful, wonderful, touching, sensitive, beauty, memories, tale, impressions, hope, true stories, biography, moods, scenes, stories of life, emotions, sensitive, warm, peaceful, dreamy, heartfelt, nostalgic, reflections, reflective, atmosphere, ambient, underscore, bed, theme, ad, commercial, melodic, contemporary acoustic
93 BPM01:00
Positive, happy, morning, smile, sun, holidays, fun. Version - Main
164 BPM02:19
Home, Acoustic, Relaxed, Soft Pop, Arthouse, Positive. Acoustic. 164 BPM. Full.
126 BPM03:39
Laid back acoustic guitars, percussion & warm cello. Quirky & carefree.
107 BPM03:00
Inspiring acoustic Indie Folk-Pop, chilling & carefree instrumental with gentle, romantic, dreamy, warm & positive feeling. Soft flowing midtempo groove.
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