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127 BPM00:36
Dance & Electronica - Corporate - House, Club. 30 Sec. BPM 127.

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127 BPM01:15
Dance & Electronica - Corporate - House, Club. Full Mix. BPM 127.
125 BPM00:30
Non-stop-tip-top-streaming ... if this is the future then I'm in! Version - Main Mix
138 BPM00:40
Club, Dance, Electro, Positive, Energetic, Eighties, 80s, Driving, Upbeat, DJ, Electronica, Electronic Drums, Synthesizer. Dance - Electro. 138 BPM. Full
125 BPM00:41
Retro disco track
132 BPM03:02
Pounding house beats back massive bass lines and swirling synths, building to an uplifting, euphoric chorus.
138 BPM00:50
Club, Dance, Electro, Energetic, Groovy, Driving, Upbeat, DJ, Electronica, Electronic Drums, Synthesizer, Fashion, Lifestyle, Action, Sports, Fast. Dance - Electro. 138 BPM. Full.
128 BPM02:14
A Pop/Trance mix in the style of BT or Dirty Vegas. Ethereal but with a hard beat. . Version - Full Mix
131 BPM03:17
Anxious Sounding Club/Dance Track. Mean, Dark sounding chorus. Dance/Club - Electro/Electronica. 131 BPM. Full Mix.
125 BPM00:41
Dance & Electronica - Hip Hop & R&B - Urban, Electro, Club, House. 125 BPM. Full Mix
126 BPM02:45
Mysterious Electronic Pop. Cool Analog grooves. Serious feel. Dance/Club - Electro/Electronica. 126 BPM. Full Mix.
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