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84 BPM03:12
Easy listening, layback, jazz, Melancholy, reflective acoustic jazz. Medium tempo.

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100 BPM03:00
Rhythmics, percussion, and electric guitar theme. . Version - Full Mix
112 BPM02:02
Adult Contemporary - Easy Listening. Driving funky groove with rhythmic jazzy piano, bluesy electric guitar and killer riffs followed by a smooth heartfelt interlude section. Uplifting and forward moving tone contrasted with emotional content. Full Mix.
75 BPM04:59
Jazz - Funk. A warm, beautiful, shimmering light washing over you. Full Mix.
101 BPM02:12
Easy listening, layback, jazz, Happy, bright & melodic. Medium tempo. Guitar, flugelhorn, trumpet & Strings
201 BPM04:45
Chilled and smooth jazz in 5/4 with a lot of variation.
101 BPM03:55
Pop - Folk. Evocative folk pop music. Full Mix.
0 BPM04:17
Sexy; Fashion; Cool; Jazzy; Melodic
70 BPM02:10
Jazz - Groove. Mid-tempo, funky shuffle feel with jazzy guitar melody, sophisticated harmonies, and melodic motifs. Full Mix.
94 BPM03:23
Jazz - Modern - Smooth. Funky, smooth, and showbiz. Full Mix.
97 BPM02:09
97 BPM02:09
Medium tempo easy smooth relaxed jazz funk features electric guitar
89 BPM02:20
Soul - Groove. Mid-tempo urban night groove with a sexy and smooth adult contemporary jazz feel. Full Mix.
88 BPM02:54
Drums intro and rhythmic guitar with flute theme. Version - Full Mix
103 BPM02:02
Funk - Groove. Funky mid-tempo rhythm and blues groove with jazzy warm guitar tones, catchy hook chorus, and an acoustic piano solo. Full Mix.
115 BPM02:50
Electric piano, jazz guitar, electric bass, percussion, muted electric trumpet and unmuted trumpet solos. Relaxed 12/8 feel.
92 BPM04:05
Medium tempo easy soft sentimental lazy jazz disco funk electric piano featured
0 BPM03:18
Easy, positive, cool, optimistic, floating, happy, easy listening, wave and lounge style, with organ, Film/TV, movie, drama, documentary, news stories, reality-tv, urban, modern lifestyle, atmospheric, fun, travel, holiday, family, summer, feel good, emotion, themes, trailer, ads, commercials, promo's, underscore, prestige, bed, weather channel, homepage, show, entertainment, instrument, contemporary acoustic, melodic
108 BPM03:40
Jazz - Modern - Smooth. Happy, funky groove. Full Mix.
90 BPM03:07
Easy lounge with jazzy guitar on a fresh beat. Version - Full Mix
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