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120 BPM00:32
R and B - Soul, Jingles. Lots of scratch, rap style backing, lots of effects. Medium. 120 BPM. Full Mix

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120 BPM00:32
Hip Hop / Rap - Futuristic hip hop. Medium. Full Mix.
120 BPM00:57
Uptempo electonica with beeping sci-fi synths and robotic vocoder effects. Version - Full Mix
120 BPM00:51
Drama - Soundtrack. Driving loops along with SFX and synths to create a sci-fi atmosphere here on earth. Full Mix.
125 BPM00:27
Production Elements - Sound Design. Stager.
130 BPM01:34
Electronic - Industrial. Strange and compelling this electronic potpourri would pose a challenge to most people who favour The Carpenters or New Age music. Full Mix
130 BPM01:02
Electro. A restless and snappy song with distinctive drums. 60 Second. 130 BPM.
105 BPM01:25
Driving techno beats over space synth and pulsing lead. Version - Full Mix
136 BPM02:38
Electronic - Dance. Funky beats with rock guitar leads and chords. Full Mix.
120 BPM01:40
analog filter synth over bold beats. Version - Full Mix
120 BPM00:33
Electronica - Techno, Jingles. Heavy electronic theme, dark. Medium tempo. 120 BPM. Full Mix
102 BPM01:03
Electronic - Urban. Big Beats electronica track. Full Mix.
0 BPM02:09
Fast processed drum groove with electronic FX, action, uplifting, moving, sports, speed, race, adrenalin, urban, groove, chase, power, modern adventure, Film/TV, movie, drama, documentary, news, new media, science, technology, industry, instrument, electronic, trailer, promo, themes, prestige, fashion, modern lifestyle, homepage, underscore, futuristic, crime, thriller, tension, contemporary urban
140 BPM01:36
Electronic - Promo. Deep electronic sounds give this song a rave like intensity. Full Mix
140 BPM00:47
Solo Instruments - Transitions. Technologic synth theme useful for TV themes. Full Mix
120 BPM00:33
Electronic - Techno beat with futuristic sound effects. Med Fast. Full Mix.
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