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88 BPM03:25
World - Electronic. Gentle evolving percussion and pads conjure images of African plains. Full Mix

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88 BPM00:33
Light, Easy - Easy, Jingles. Discover the wonders of the Kalahari. Slow. 88 BPM. Full Mix
88 BPM00:33
World - Gentle evolving percussion and pads conjure images of African plains.. Med Slow. Full Mix.
110 BPM04:23
New Age - Atmospheric. Romantic night atmosphere. Full Mix
152 BPM04:29
World - Acoustic. Slow moving, relaxed, features big pads, sparse piano & memorable acoustic guitar theme. Sensual and sentimental. The sparse piano brings an underwater feel to the piece. Full Mix
96 BPM02:37
Fragile, Sting, Acoustic Guitar, Relax, Chillout, Calming, Lounge, Medium, Neutral, Soprano Saxophone, Hot Rods, Corporate. Pop - Relax. 96 BPM. Full.
90 BPM02:20
Relaxed and chill with a New Age sound.
100 BPM02:51
Soaring woodwinds over rhythmic and ambient percussion. Version - Full Mix
70 BPM02:50
Relaxed and soothing, great for advertising or commercial purposes.
78 BPM03:23
World - Exotic. Uplifting theme, tribal rhythms, nylon guitar and piano suggests open spaces. Serene feel and peaceful. Full Mix
80 BPM03:50
Ostinato flute recorder with french horn. Version - Full Mix
114 BPM02:52
Percussion, bass, marimba and chants. Version - Full Mix
120 BPM04:35
Chilled drifting vocoder vocals
100 BPM02:49
Ascend to the skies and drift amongst the clouds with this relaxing and mystical track. Features rhythmic percussion, soaring syth leads and flying flute melodies. Version - Full Mix
140 BPM02:01
Ambient and aerial atmosphere evocating the power and beauty of falls, synths, ethnic vocals, soft rhythmics. Version - Full Mix
89 BPM03:23
Optimistic acoustic guitar melody with slight percussion rhythm and pads; uplifting, soaring, celestial, heavenly, atmospheric. Tempo: medium. Lead.instr.: acoustic guitar, percussions, pads. TV - Film. Full Mix
92 BPM03:05
World - New Age. Electric guitar melody floats over airy pads and rain effects as all is propelled by a light rhythm loop.
90 BPM03:06
Acoustic guitars and light synth provide a relaxing melody before it breaks into a smooth and easy rock groove. Optimistic. Version - Full Mix
69 BPM04:25
Sitar intro with pan flute. Version - Full Mix
80 BPM05:27
Breathy new age synths play a slightly ethnic melody and lead to an atmospheric music bed over drum loops. Nylon guitar shares the melody with a ethnic synth flute as pad synths grow and release. Version - Full Mix
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