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145 BPM01:00
Instrumental - Orchestral. This tune is like Christmas morning. You know how you want to freeze time so it never ends, but it always just zooms by anyway? The beat gives a sense of urgency like time is flying by, but the strings are just meaningful and slow enough that you can soak in every minute as it races on. You might cry a happy tear when you hear the exciting joyful bells. Full Mix.

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70 BPM02:45
70 BPM02:45
Driving strings and piano patterns building into an orchestral finish.
123 BPM02:33
Rousing, contemporary orchestral momentum
127 BPM02:23
127 BPM02:23
Bouncy and encouraging, featuring frollicky strings, music box and electric guitar that create a magnificent, inspiring mood.
135 BPM01:47
Slowly building feel-good piano, percussion, synth and strings
140 BPM01:01
Instrumental - Orchestral. You know that moment when something big is about to happen in your life and you stop and let time stand still as you soak it all in. This tune just wants you to slow down, relax, and smell the roses. So just do it. Let time stand still as you hear the tick tock clock like beat right from the start. The piano is perfectly happy and fun. The victorious strings make you feel like every second matters. Full Mix.
117 BPM02:50
Bright eyed and bushy tailed strings joined with piano, light drums and percussion. Version - Main Mix
147 BPM01:41
Playful guitars swing over lively, waltzing drums, warm bass and soothing male ooh vocals introducing this light, refreshing and fun indie pop gem. POI at :48 soaring strings join in taking this feel-good track even higher. Lovely! Commercials - Rock - Indie Pop - Indie Rock, New Age. 147 BPM. Full Mix.
74 BPM02:28
Flowing piano lead builds into a larger than life anthemic orchestral score suggesting high achievements.
65 BPM03:03
Warm and grand, featuring bright strings, choir and percussion that create a powerful, awe-inspiring mood.
128 BPM02:11
128 BPM02:11
Heartwarming piano melody leads to dramatic percussion and string melody
120 BPM02:52
Proud, authoritative intent, up tempo lift from 1.08. Trust in a better future.
125 BPM02:28
EXPANDING MINDS Embryonic pulse expands to widescreen wonder
148 BPM02:30
Minimalistic, carefree, with building strings. Version - Full Mix
105 BPM02:05
pitter-pattering piano chords, pulsating strings climb as time eagerly flies by. angelic singing. pleasant, romantic, hopeful, F-sharp major, 105 BPM
92 BPM02:12
Percolating piano is joined by stabbing strings and leads into a flowing, moody chord melody with pulsing bass and dramatic synthesizer effects.
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