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130 BPM01:35
Dark, twisted, and on the move - Metallic FX and brassy percussion punctuate layers of twisted pulses and saturated warping braams. POI @ 0:08 Metallic swelling FX into heavy impact, percussion groove starts to build. POI @ 0:14 Saturated noise swell into heavy impact. POI @ 0:26 Slow metallic swell builds to a quick cut, exposing a simultaneous riser and downer. POI @ 0:34 Warping moans and saturated braams push to the front of the texture. POI @ 0:48 Abrupt cut to silence accented by saturated FX. POI @ 0:55 Long slow riser begins, pushing to a false end. POI @ 1:07 Riser resumes building, pierced by blasts of heavy percussion. POI @ 1:24 Downer and saturated swell lead into final percussive sting.

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90 BPM01:26
Dystopia awaits. Punishing percussion with a badass flair jumps out a retro-inspired atmospheric intro, pushing to a aggressive breakneck finish. POI @ 0:11 Tense ticking. POI @ 0:13 Fast sweep into swaggering drum groove as the ticking continues. POI @ 0:24 Deep bass enters. POI @ 0:36 Slow riser over heavy percussion hits. POI @ 0:45 Percussion rhythms change to an infectious action-packed groove. POI @ Rise and percussion build cuts to silence. POI @ 1:08 Bombastic crushing drums fills and deep braams punctuate a dramatic slow rise. POI @ 1:21 Final braam.
110 BPM01:32
Explosive action trailer sound design with an ominous intro that builds into hi energy drumming. @ :12 swoosh into hit. @ :25 swoosh into a bigger hit. @ :36 riser starts. @ :45 stutter swoosh. @ :53 long riser starts. @ 1:03 final tension building section start.
130 BPM01:57
Gritty synths and deep pulses support an attack of bombastic percussion and twisted FX. Eerie and adrenaline-fueled. POI @ 0:16 Low pulsing percussion enters. POI @ 0:30 Suspenseful sustain builds to a smooth descending impact. POI @ 0:41 Glitchy warped FX build to a brutal impact. POI @ 0:59 Clattering pulses echo over a smooth downer. POI @ 1:06 Massive percussion groove begins, supported by heavy braams. POI @ 1:43 Blistering build to the final impacts.
120 BPM01:14
Strong synth lead over vicious drums. This track doesn't waste any time. Right from the start it's loud and in your face. Futuristic feel creating images of science fiction. Key: Eb-Major. 120 Bpm. Full Mix.
130 BPM02:08
Bombastic percussion grooves and bursts of glitching FX fuel this fun, adrenaline infused thriller. POI @ 0:16 Rising alarms begin, as percussion intensifies. POI @ 0:27 Glitchy percussion fill reverberates out. POI @ 0:32 Fast FX swell leads into heavy percussion groove. New pulsing synth layers enter. POI @ 1:03 Growling downer leads into massive impact. Major shift in the tempo of the track. POI @ 1:16 Rising FX lead back into the faster tempo percussion groove, layered with fast swooshing FX. POI @ 1:31 Glitchy downer. POI @ 1:40 Long slow riser pushes to a false ending. POI @ 1:49 Massive accelerating rhythm pushes to a gritty downer, and final massive percussion sting.
82 BPM01:36
Explosive hits and urgent alarms build to a false finish, synth pulses and intense percussion slowly swell to the end. POI @ 0:12 Synth pulses begin. POI @ 0:24 Alarm-like riser begins, reverberating out into silence. POI @ 0:38 Exposed alarms sound over electric braam. POI @ 0:43 Windy riser begins, leading into heavy impacts. POI @ 0:50 Synth pulses, percussion groove, and alarms rise to a peak, reverberating to silence. POI @ 1:22 Climactic final stinger.
90 BPM01:59
Dark and ominous, this track makes perfect use of its' unique synth lines, deep percussion, unusual pings, and oppressive synthetic textures. POI @ 0:21 Percussion and bass enter. POI @ 0:44 Gritty swell into main groove. POI @ 1:04 Riser into massive synth impacts. POI @ 1:25 Riser into driving groove with driving synths. POI @ 1:51 Downer into final impact.
140 BPM01:35
Deep synth ambiances dissolve into a rising rhythm of crushing percussion, gritty pulses, and oscillating swells. POI @ 0:18 Glassy swell into massive industrial hits, punchy percussion breaks, and gritty synth bends. POI @ 0:34 Clapping punctuates an abrupt cut to silence. POI @ 0:37 Fast swell into driving percussion. POI @ 0:55 High energy synth pulses rise to the front, pushing to an abrupt cut. POI @ 1:01 Percussion continues to grow in intensity over a slow mechanical riser, glitching at the peak. POI @ 1:25 Roll into warped final synth bend.
80 BPM01:33
panic is in the air. dull fx, electronica, cruel swells. drum mayhem, stertorous fx vocal textures. evolving with diabolic dread - 80 BPM, Full Mix
120 BPM01:04
Explosive action trailer sound design loaded with exciting hits and stings. @ :17 riser into a hit. @ :23 synth swoosh into a hit. @ :25 synth pulse riser. @ :43 synth bass drop into the final riser build.
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