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90 BPM02:23
Bold and determined revival rock beginning layers to intense, frenzied and passionate finish.

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88 BPM02:21
Strong, dynamic revival rock builds powerfully with passionate and inspirational energy.
74 BPM02:24
Rolling snare pickup. Guitar dives in with snare crescendo. Moves to sneering halftime section with occasional dirty riffs. Peppy muted guitar solo at 1:01 that builds up to free-for-all guitar with crashy drums. Slide-off ending. Rock - Southern Boogie Rock. Full Mix.
80 BPM02:36
Subdued, yet determined revival rock builds passionately with inspiring and emotional energy.
130 BPM02:05
smokin' southern rock riffs, heavy bass and thunderous drums paint a picture of a band rocking the stage in black leather, cop sunglasses and beards to the knees - 130 BPM, Full Mix
158 BPM02:34
Plodding garage rock with euphoric tone
100 BPM01:59
Distorted slide guitar leads, punchy drums and angst filled guitar riffs create an edgy and raw tune with an aggressive attitude. Version - Full Mix
151 BPM01:44
Indie - Rock. Kick out the jams! Hard as nails indie/garage rock intro with thick, lively guitars riffing over commanding drums to start it off, then joined by thick bass and a rowdy, dirty, bluesy guitar lead. POI @ :37 ominous bridge with pounding drums, syncopated guitars/bass and a mind-bending, screeching guitar lead Oh snap! POI @ 1:03 classic, psychedelic bridge jumps back into the MAYHEM @ 1:29 to ride this rock train to the stratosphere. Full Mix. 151 bpm.
110 BPM01:45
Edgy driven powerhouse of grungy guitar fuzz
109 BPM02:04
Raw and bombastic with harsh, gritty guitars and a spacey keyboard lead. Version - Full Mix
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