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105 BPM02:17
Rock - Inde - Rock. Younve just received the bad news and you are trying to deal with the fallout. Ripping electric guitar lead over backing rhythm section featuring an organ part. Full Mix.

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100 BPM01:59
Distorted slide guitar leads, punchy drums and angst filled guitar riffs create an edgy and raw tune with an aggressive attitude. Version - Full Mix
97 BPM02:16
Rock - Inde - Rock. A rocking indie track with a feeling of freedom. Featuring backward guitar effects. Perfect for a our protagonistns turning point; hens found his inner strength and purpose. Full Mix.
90 BPM02:23
Bold and determined revival rock beginning layers to intense, frenzied and passionate finish.
116 BPM02:21
Rock - Americana. If you like a motorcycle joy ride through the mountains then you'll love this piece. You can almost taste an outside adventure. The electric guitar riff is so hearty and good-natured. Bass has a cool lick at 1:38. Full Mix.
125 BPM02:40
Upbeat retro pop rock. Cranking up a personal revolution. Psychedelic vocals and insistent guitars.
122 BPM02:47
Dark, gloomy guitars build with dangerous intent to an attitude filled, intensity-driven chorus.
107 BPM02:02
Rock - 1960s, 1970s, Classic, Sports - Lively, Energy, Party, Festival. An up beat, light hearted and rollicking pop riff rocker.
92 BPM02:06
Loping American three-chord with some twists and turns.
126 BPM02:54
Get on the water, above the water and end up in the water! Melodic Baggy. 126 BPM. Main Mix.
127 BPM01:37
Beautiful day at the beach retro style. Version - Full Mix
108 BPM02:17
Rock - Pop - Alternative. An urgent feeling, dark and edgy rock guitar piece with pounding drums and cool transitions. Full Mix. Fast tempo. BPM 108.
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