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119 BPM02:46
Drama - Americana - Drama. Heavily percussive ethnic sounds track with lots of drums and string lead. Full Mix Full Mix.

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165 BPM02:14
Echoing acoustic guitar phrases and electronic bass create a corporate, intellectual sound with a light breezy feel. Hi-pitched drums add concreteness and punch while additional guitar treatments build contemporary stature. Simple sounding with a fresh . Version - Full Mix
96 BPM04:03
Fresh and experimental featuring violin and arpeggiated synth.
130 BPM02:22
Electronic - Alternative. Starts of slow with slight strumming of an acoustic guitar to a Drum and Bass mix with a dobro theme. Pace change throughout out track. Full Mix
106 BPM03:08
106 BPM03:08
Easy guitars on strong beat. Version - Full
155 BPM06:49
Breeze, retrospective, autunm shinig leaves, easy-going, water world, sparkle, naive, dolphins, romantic, pathetic.
95 BPM02:29
Indian Chill - World Bollywood. Slow Medium sexy bossa feel, sitar synth romantic melody, inspirational introspective moods. 95 BPM. Full Mix.
90 BPM05:22
Chill, relaxing tune with violin, soprano samples and electronic instruments.
92 BPM02:17
Indian Chill - World Bollywood. Medium groove, sexy feel, sitar synth melody over steady groove, lyrical ascending melodic lines. 92 BPM. Full Mix.
103 BPM02:09
Light piano notes with optimistic percussion. Voices join in. Up. Version - Full Mix
120 BPM02:16
Rock - Electronica, Dance, Technology, An energetic, motivating blend of technology and science with melodic acoustic guitar. Fast tempo. An energetic, motivating blend of technology and science with melodic acoustic guitar. Fast tempo. 120BPM. Full Mix.
126 BPM05:50
Rock - Adult Contemporary. Acoustic soft rock with African rhythms. Sounds of clapping and birds in the background. Full Mix
106 BPM02:50
Cutting synth melodies are joined by mallet-like synths, grooving drums, funky bass and fun guitar leads in this indie funk rock tune. Version - Full
150 BPM03:20
Anklungs an leisure lounge. Version - Full Mix
130 BPM01:40
World - Promo. The synth soars as it recreates the sounds of a traditional irish jig in this song. Full Mix
97 BPM01:02
Commercial - TV. Acoustic guitar, percussion, marimba and violin describing spring changes of weather. 60 Second
92 BPM04:19
A dancy mix of synthesized voices and beats with violin
69 BPM03:03
Modern, warm piece featuring violin, synthesizers and electronic drums with a great deal of low end.
120 BPM02:45
Fusion, Peaceful, Jazz Club, Chic, Enthnical Instruments, Percussions, South America - Marimba, Synth, Guitar. Version - Full Mix
162 BPM02:59
World - Acoustic. Soothing track with tribal drum loop, guitars, pad & flutes. Full Mix
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