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132 BPM01:00
Whimsical, gentle, flowing, reflective. This coming of age music is dreamy, hopeful and emotional. Medium tempo. Rock - Folk, Acoustic, Celtic. 132 BPM. 60 Second.

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132 BPM01:00
Fun-loving, Motivating, Lifestyle. Curious musical twists and melodic surprises. Fast tempo. Pop - Rock, Acoustic. 132 BPM. 60 Second.
86 BPM02:06
Introspective, evocative guitar ballad with light percussion.
128 BPM01:59
Feel good and uplifting theme
104 BPM03:50
What should I tell you... ocean's blue, everywhere you look, sun shines down upon us.... never felt anything like it before, I could be wrong, but decidedly, love on a first sight. Easy Listening - Atmospheric. Full Mix
117 BPM02:52
6 and 12 steel strings guitars and slide guitar. Theme at 0:00, 1:00, and 2:25. Developments at 0:39 and 1:22. Slide guitar at 1:46. . Version - Full Mix
113 BPM02:12
Relaxed light easy leisure features acoustic guitar
90 BPM02:10
placid and relaxed acoustic guitar pattern with percussion and shaker. a lively feeling like on a summer stroll with friends - 90 BPM, Full Mix
140 BPM02:11
Wagon ride on a summer day. Percussion, bass, and AC guitars. Version - Full Mix
109 BPM03:46
Adult Contemporary - Acoustic. Pensive acoustic guitar ballad. Version: Full Mix
150 BPM02:10
Swaying acoustic guitars with hand drum & ambient synths. Gentle & light. Sunrise/Sundown.
87 BPM00:30
A congenial piano melody accented with relaxed acoustic guitar suggests that you are living the good life. Version - 30 Second
140 BPM03:22
Positive happy carefree vibe - features acoustic guitars
131 BPM02:39
Open climbing acoustic guitars with soft groove , atmospheric keys and bass.
97 BPM01:52
Playing with my kids in the partk. Cool percussion back beats. Version - Full Mix
103 BPM02:02
Soft and mellow with hollow sounding synth pads and filtered percussion creating an ambient bed for subtle, sweet acoustic guitar melodies. Version - Full Mix
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