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108 BPM02:17
Rock - Pop - Alternative. An urgent feeling, dark and edgy rock guitar piece with pounding drums and cool transitions. Full Mix. Fast tempo. BPM 108.

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106 BPM02:37
106 BPM02:37
Melodic rock, acoustic and electric guitars. Version - Full
124 BPM03:16
Slick and courageous, featuring edgy electric guitar and drums that create a satisfied, determined mood.
111 BPM01:41
Quirky, skipping beat, live bass and drums. Version - Main
105 BPM02:17
Rock - Inde - Rock. Younve just received the bad news and you are trying to deal with the fallout. Ripping electric guitar lead over backing rhythm section featuring an organ part. Full Mix.
92 BPM02:06
Loping American three-chord with some twists and turns.
87 BPM01:51
Upbeat and bright with a fun, acoustic feel combine with tons of drum power. Tom fills and electric guitar melodies break down and set up for a fun musical ride. Exhilarating and cruising. Version - Full Mix
162 BPM02:51
Acoustic - Country - Western. Roll down the window and feel the rockin', rootsy vibrations with crisp acoustic guitars, punchy syncopated drums and groovy thumping bass. Watch the road and enjoy its twists and turns with killer bluesy electric leads and technical drums that will keep you locked into the head-bobbing groove. Complex and energetic rhythm with lots of starts/stops that keep it fresh! 162 bpm. Full Mix.
116 BPM02:21
Rock - Americana. If you like a motorcycle joy ride through the mountains then you'll love this piece. You can almost taste an outside adventure. The electric guitar riff is so hearty and good-natured. Bass has a cool lick at 1:38. Full Mix.
70 BPM03:19
A new old school symphonic rock experience. Version - Full
110 BPM02:24
Rock - Alternative. Romantic getaways or flashback sequences of those carefree childhood years. Complete with B3 organ. Full Mix.
122 BPM01:36
A quirky Alt Rock tune with retro pop elements and a ton of sex appeal. Drums and bass throw down a steady beat while reverb and vibro guitar create a nostalgic vibe throughout the intro and opening chorus. A synth pad is also added to give a sense of th. Version - Full Mix
126 BPM04:09
It took three guys and ropes to get 'em outa there two were stuck in that cave goddamn goats.
121 BPM04:09
Weighty and confident, featuring urging electric slide guitar, rhodes and drums that create a cool, feel-good mood.
122 BPM02:16
Rock - Alternative. Tight, edgy, forceful guitars push through an insistent indie rock groove, accented by acoustic guitar bits, string stabs, and occasional blippity synths. Full Mix.
104 BPM03:13
Medium tempo relax rock
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