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96 BPM04:03
Fresh and experimental featuring violin and arpeggiated synth.

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130 BPM02:56
Classical meets experimental in this hyper, ever-changing piece
109 BPM04:23
Laid-back, experimental track with airy synths, electronic percussion and violin.
92 BPM04:19
A dancy mix of synthesized voices and beats with violin
90 BPM03:27
Experimental score with a touching, abstract musical theme. Featuring violin and electronic instruments.
92 BPM04:04
Arpeggios and treated electronics intermingle underneath a soothing violin melody
62 BPM03:39
A mysterious investigation in a strange place at night
90 BPM05:22
Chill, relaxing tune with violin, soprano samples and electronic instruments.
79 BPM04:21
Surges of synth pads are carried by a distinctive bass line and sound effects
101 BPM03:25
Positive & optimistic, with violin, marimba and electronic touches.
132 BPM03:08
Violins are carried by a slow electronic beat supported by percussive synth bass
119 BPM02:46
Drama - Americana - Drama. Heavily percussive ethnic sounds track with lots of drums and string lead. Full Mix Full Mix.
80 BPM01:48
Positive Sounds And Melodies On Brushed Beat. Version - Full Mix
74 BPM03:41
Pretty meets quirky in this picturesque piece
87 BPM02:58
A challenging mixture of ever-changing rhythms and key
71 BPM03:01
A unique rhythm is layered with percussive sound effects, led by a low horn melody
102 BPM02:46
Psychedelic, experimental score with a beautiful arrangement of violin and synth instruments.
114 BPM03:37
Emotional contemporary score blending nicely orchestral with electronic instruments.
150 BPM01:02
Techno - Dance. Dreamy jazz acoustic guitar over a funky house beat with a additional speaking electric guitar. 60 Second
155 BPM06:49
Breeze, retrospective, autunm shinig leaves, easy-going, water world, sparkle, naive, dolphins, romantic, pathetic.
95 BPM02:29
Indian Chill - World Bollywood. Slow Medium sexy bossa feel, sitar synth romantic melody, inspirational introspective moods. 95 BPM. Full Mix.
109 BPM04:21
World - Exotic. Tribal rhythms open to a funky orchestration. Bass, percussion & tribal voices complete this great world groove. Full Mix
98 BPM09:42
Africa, nature, sunset, sunrise, night shadows, tense, birds, bats, lost voices, drama, nature, commercials (2 parts).
65 BPM05:31
Contemporary score with abstract, electronic harmonies and violin melody.
89 BPM04:44
A simple hip-hop beat with descending keyboard melodies kicks off this trip-hop tune. Synth effects are added over the groove along with vocal breath sound effects. A big tone dive announces the chorus and a female vocal theme. Sax takes over briefly for a solo before the final chorus. Version - Full Mix
107 BPM02:31
107 BPM02:31
Uplifting, atmospheric house music with disco tendencies.
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