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132 BPM07:44
Ambient - Atmospheric. Minimalistic music, light and cheerful, with constant movement of crochets and beautiful melodies of violin. 132 BPM. Full Mix

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116 BPM04:21
Ambient - Atmospheric. Samples of traffic and human world, music as apotheosis of hope. 116 BPM. Full Mix
74 BPM03:41
Pretty meets quirky in this picturesque piece
62 BPM03:39
A mysterious investigation in a strange place at night
79 BPM04:21
Surges of synth pads are carried by a distinctive bass line and sound effects
62 BPM04:08
Ambient - Atmospheric. Strong and powerful sweet melody as a main theme. 62 BPM. Full Mix
54 BPM04:45
Ambient - Atmospheric. Sounds of water of four brooks, atmosphere of nature and happiness. 54 BPM. Full Mix
85 BPM03:07
A sparse synth melody with ambient synth percussion leads into melancholy woodwind melody. Strings join in with descending arpeggios then take over the melody. Edgy synth pulses fill in the gaps coming in with a slow drum loop pattern. The whole track then shifts to an upbeat B section. Version - Full Mix
64 BPM04:55
An ominous engagement where not everyone can win
92 BPM04:04
Arpeggios and treated electronics intermingle underneath a soothing violin melody
150 BPM02:05
Passionate strings drive this forcefull tension track
72 BPM03:36
A haunting confusion of a journey into the unknown
146 BPM02:57
Slow pulsating 80s synthesizers rise with lush strings to create an optimistic mood
90 BPM01:19
Risky mountain hike, force of nature
63 BPM04:04
Ambient - Atmospheric. Meditation in stopped time of hypnosis before sleeping. 63 BPM. Full Mix
125 BPM02:05
Vienna is famous for the waltz. The three-four time of this tune creates a special sway while the piano charmes you with its bright sound and an emotive cello catches your attention. The track changes to four-four time @00:35 with an electronic beat. Suddenly @01:22 the tune changes the direction with a sweet and poignant end with violin and acoustic guitar. Key: A minor. 125 Bpm. Full Mix.
124 BPM02:19
fast woodwinds and emerging strings, almost melodic. ambivalent eternity - E minor, Full Mix
82 BPM02:09
Atmospheric - Film & TV. Atmospheric drone with strange sounds, mysterious feeling and violin. Full Mix
136 BPM02:30
repetitive church organ sci-fi pattern, the holy grail of science, some electrons flying, deep bass with 8th pulse coming in, 136 BPM, Full Mix
126 BPM04:43
Fusion, Meditation, Adventure, Synthetiseur, Synths. Version - Full Mix
63 BPM04:04
Ambient - Atmospheric. Eating of an apple, fast and rhythmical dance of strings similar to country music. 63 BPM. Full Mix
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