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71 BPM03:01
A unique rhythm is layered with percussive sound effects, led by a low horn melody

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65 BPM05:31
Contemporary score with abstract, electronic harmonies and violin melody.
94 BPM04:51
A lighthearted song with a positive vibe
64 BPM04:55
An ominous engagement where not everyone can win
74 BPM03:41
Pretty meets quirky in this picturesque piece
98 BPM05:07
Relaxing, emotional tune with synths, pads and violin.
90 BPM03:27
Experimental score with a touching, abstract musical theme. Featuring violin and electronic instruments.
120 BPM02:59
Filtered accordion with percussion, noises, bass, and electric guitar. Version - Full Mix
62 BPM03:39
A mysterious investigation in a strange place at night
92 BPM04:04
Arpeggios and treated electronics intermingle underneath a soothing violin melody
108 BPM03:59
A weightless feeling of love and loss
109 BPM04:23
Laid-back, experimental track with airy synths, electronic percussion and violin.
69 BPM03:03
Modern, warm piece featuring violin, synthesizers and electronic drums with a great deal of low end.
102 BPM02:46
Psychedelic, experimental score with a beautiful arrangement of violin and synth instruments.
63 BPM04:04
Ambient - Atmospheric. Eating of an apple, fast and rhythmical dance of strings similar to country music. 63 BPM. Full Mix
62 BPM04:08
Ambient - Atmospheric. Strong and powerful sweet melody as a main theme. 62 BPM. Full Mix
98 BPM02:49
Emotional, relaxing contemporary score with violin and synth instruments.
92 BPM04:19
A dancy mix of synthesized voices and beats with violin
79 BPM04:21
Surges of synth pads are carried by a distinctive bass line and sound effects
84 BPM04:28
Abstract, psychedelic score featuring violin and arpeggiated synthesizers.
72 BPM03:36
A haunting confusion of a journey into the unknown
84 BPM03:28
Accordion solo with effect intro, bass, and drums. Version - Full Mix
0 BPM01:58
Passionate, dramatic, longing, floating, romantic, atmospheric, dreamy, magical, mysterious, with orchestra and bandoneon, Film/TV, movie, documentary, drama, news stories, urban, lifestyle, leisure, travel, holiday, tango, world, ethnic, national, argentina, uruguay, latin, south america, buenos aires, montevideo, retro, emotions, trailer, underscore, atmosphere, ambient, bed, themes, melodic, contemporary acoustic, instrument
82 BPM02:33
trailer! medium soft-porn romp dub remix with alternating bandoneon and cello melodies, 70s piano backup, porno drums - A minor, 82 BPM, Full Mix
93 BPM04:12
Laid-back instrumental featuring strings, organ, electronic drums and SFX.
130 BPM02:56
Classical meets experimental in this hyper, ever-changing piece
78 BPM02:17
Classical - Orchestral. Also know as Canon in D major this beautiful piece is only enhanced with this modern arrangement. Full Mix.
90 BPM05:22
Chill, relaxing tune with violin, soprano samples and electronic instruments.
106 BPM02:47
A mystic succession of classical cello and viola above commanding piano bass staccatos. Faced by a rhythmic patchwork of vibraphone and treated banjo, D minor, 106 BPM
124 BPM03:32
Happy, psychedelic score with violin and synth instruments.
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