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140 BPM00:47
Solo Instruments - Transitions. Technologic synth theme useful for TV themes. Full Mix

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145 BPM00:49
Corporate - News. With office machinery FX - 145 BPM. Full Mix.
136 BPM03:10
Mechanical metallic trance beats
Robotic electrodance
130 BPM00:52
Drama - Soundtrack. Title says it all: Welcome to where nobody has dared go before. Driving loops, vocal samples... Where am I? Full Mix.
141 BPM02:36
Heavy and hard techno theme. Version - Full Mix
150 BPM00:54
Corporate - Electronic. Blast off with this track into tomorrow with computerized sound design and driving break beat. 50 Second.
120 BPM00:51
Drama - Soundtrack. Driving loops along with SFX and synths to create a sci-fi atmosphere here on earth. Full Mix.
84 BPM01:41
Pumping, driving, energetic, uplifting, tension, urban, adrenalin. A pumping contemporary urban action track with filtered morphing synth, driving drums and electronic elements.
151 BPM02:25
Electronic - Techno, Trance. Fast beats and distroed synth tracks. Full Mix.
124 BPM02:40
Dark techstep with choppy metal guitar track.
140 BPM01:52
With a futuristic blend of various drum loops and a wide palette of synthesizer sounds, this track will take partygoers to a higher level. Version - Full Mix
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