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102 BPM04:12
Your hair, overflowing gold on a pillow, touched by morning sun, is captured forever in my dreams, I will always love you, even though, you are not here with me, anymore. Easy Listening - Atmospheric. Full Mix

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74 BPM01:32
Atmospheric - Acoustic. Brightful and positive mood. Sunrise. Full Mix
130 BPM02:24
Acoustic guitar on soft electric piano. Version - Full Mix
100 BPM03:41
Chillout - Lounge. Escape to a luxurious paradise where the gentle sea breeze blows away your cares, ambient groove. Full Mix.
118 BPM04:34
Adult Contemporary - Acoustic. Soft and mellow cue that makes you remember the last days of spring. Full Mix.
98 BPM02:52
Gentle flute with guitar interplay
116 BPM03:29
Gentle, uplifting with laid back African Bass
140 BPM03:03
Happy folky vibe - features electric guitar
150 BPM05:45
Adult Contemporary - Acoustic. Emotional start to this track. It then flows into a combination of flute and guitar with synth keys. The mood is very nice and peaceful. Full Mix.
125 BPM02:47
smoothly evolving organ synth pad and tame acoustic guitars over light pulse. airy, ethereal, positive - G major, 125 BPM, Full Mix
110 BPM04:09
Adult Contemporary - Folk. Nice soothing acoustic track. With Spanish reminiscences at times, but with a new age overall feeling. Full Mix.
100 BPM04:18
100 BPM04:18
Light drifting easy keyboards and guitar
118 BPM02:29
Easy drifting leisure travel acoustic guitar and rhythm
66 BPM02:27
Mellow mood with hint of country, pedal steel and acoustic guitar
105 BPM02:25
Warm, Uplifting and friendly with catchy melody
75 BPM02:58
Sweet guitar melody, with gentle groove , piano and atmospheric keys.
113 BPM04:01
113 BPM04:01
Relaxed acoustic guitar and light rhythm
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