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156 BPM00:56
Choppy string quartet parts with a suspenseful and daunting attitude played in pizzicato.

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78 BPM00:52
weird comic-style tune, slow, interrupted, showing discomfort, 78.50 BPM, Full Mix
100 BPM01:05
Ironic, mysterious, comedy, crime, humorous, lively, easy, positive, suspense, light tension, orchestral underscore with xylophone.
131 BPM01:26
playful orchestral suspense, not too serious. hopeful uplifting piano, strings. devious woodwinds. pantomime feel - Full Mix
127 BPM01:13
bewitched animation music in a sneaky comic-style, 127 BPM, Full Mix
124 BPM01:00
tiptoe marimba, hide-and-seek violins, triangle chimes. fun. comic fairytale feel. naughty but nice - Full Mix
70 BPM02:12
Pulsing and curious, featuring exuberant woodwinds, pizzicato strings and marimba that create a devious, startling mood.
108 BPM01:55
Spooky, mysterious slow plucks with brass
92 BPM01:31
Suspenseful, moving, tension, lurk, stealthy, stalking, burglar, burglary, robbery, pizzicato strings, mysterious, ominous, arcane, foreboding, pulsing, orchestral strings, piano, clarinet, muted brass, percussion, obscure, atmospheric, pulsating, ambience, evolving, anticipation, crime, tensed, floating percussion, mystic, ambient, eerie, scary, threatening, psychological, thriller, mystery, film, TV, movie, documentary, drama, trailers, reality-tv, crime scene, investigation, detection, observation, true crime story, CSI, FBI, CIA, CIS, police, agent, spy, detective, cops, undercover, murder, killer, victim, suspect, suspicious, mafia, noir, city, gothic, gotham, psycho, homicide, espionage, intrigue, evidence, dangerous, danger, suspense, cyber crime, computer hacker, whistle-blower, economic, financial, coup, criminals, thief, dealer, drugs, blackmail, blacklist, corruption, sabotage, forensic, pathology, report, journalism, dramedy, comedy, crimedy, subtle, bed, theme, soundtrack
108 BPM01:06
Helpless, 2000-2005, bass clarinet
148 BPM01:12
Drama - Soundtrack. Pizzicato strings and rhythmic horns using darker harmonies and scales making a very bouncy and eerie musical environment. Full Mix
134 BPM01:50
Creepy and mysterious strings, marimba and woodwind in a kooky mood
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