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73 BPM01:26
Drama - Soundtrack. Thrilling march in the deserts of the Sahara with full string arrangements. Version: Full Mix

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104 BPM02:48
Tension filled strings and percussion. A loose,sonic pallette paints a picture both powerful and disturbing . There's a villian around here somewhere. Version - Full Mix
90 BPM01:57
Wild percussion hits over uneasy string pads. Eerie and Tense. Version - Full Mix
102 BPM01:44
bamboo flutes, tribal shakers, odd drum. ceremonial feel behind urgent striking strings. increasing suspense, spooky - Full Mix
110 BPM02:12
IMMINENT DANGER Haunting orchestra, percs & drum. Stressing string gimmick & harp. Track down like an animal. Drum @ 1'05. Menacing & oppressive.
92 BPM02:20
Main Version - Modern orchestral, electronica, percussion loop with strange elements and female voice.
103 BPM01:44
ominous feel, shaker imitating a rattlesnake, murky setting, highly precarious, nightmarish string movements - Full Mix
92 BPM01:31
Suspenseful, moving, tension, lurk, stealthy, stalking, burglar, burglary, robbery, pizzicato strings, mysterious, ominous, arcane, foreboding, pulsing, orchestral strings, piano, clarinet, muted brass, percussion, obscure, atmospheric, pulsating, ambience, evolving, anticipation, crime, tensed, floating percussion, mystic, ambient, eerie, scary, threatening, psychological, thriller, mystery, film, TV, movie, documentary, drama, trailers, reality-tv, crime scene, investigation, detection, observation, true crime story, CSI, FBI, CIA, CIS, police, agent, spy, detective, cops, undercover, murder, killer, victim, suspect, suspicious, mafia, noir, city, gothic, gotham, psycho, homicide, espionage, intrigue, evidence, dangerous, danger, suspense, cyber crime, computer hacker, whistle-blower, economic, financial, coup, criminals, thief, dealer, drugs, blackmail, blacklist, corruption, sabotage, forensic, pathology, report, journalism, dramedy, comedy, crimedy, subtle, bed, theme, soundtrack
107 BPM02:17
Drama - Suspense. Evil bass, drums and other noises make way for Gregorian monk vocals at 1:12. Full Mix
110 BPM01:16
stealthy percussion, suspenseful halftime drum beat, stabs. resonating. synth, electronica. dynamic, tense, suspicious - 110 BPM, Full Mix
96 BPM01:56
Drama - Sound Design, Soundtrack. Industrialized orchestra. Dynamic storytelling piece. Strong and powerful. Full Mix.
131 BPM02:50
Dark spy-like suspense with powerful percussion. Intrigue. Version - Full Mix
87 BPM01:21
Cinematic, tension, tracking, action, motion, suspenseful, moving, tensed cinematic orchestra & time ticking percussion pulse, mysterious, action, rhythmic, accents & hits, evolving, tension, energetic, active, building & moving crime scene, impelling, anticipation, foreboding, threat, ominous, dramatic, hybrid soundtrack, film, TV, movie, documentary, drama, trailers, reality-tv, threatening, chasing, running, run, chase, pursuit, escape, investigation, detection, observation, thriller, true crime story, CSI, FBI, CIA, CIS, police, agent, spy, detective, cops, undercover, murder, killer, victim, suspect, suspicious, haunted man, mafia, noir, mystery, city, gotham, psycho, homicide, psychological, espionage, intrigue, dangerous, danger, suspense, conflict, clockwork, time bomb, attack, army, war, military, terror, action coup, robbery, thief, gang of criminals, dealer, drugs, secret service, blackmail, sabotage, report, journalism, theme, bed, underscore
0 BPM01:36
Building up, mysterious, powerful, dramatic, action, eerie, dangerous, ominous, foreboding, dark, edgy, tension, cinematic epic adventure track with driving drums and distant & mysterious chords and voices, Film/TV, movie, drama, documentary, trailer, discovery, challenge, mystery, twilight, psycho, thriller, crime, fantasy, horror, sci-fi, scary, threat, dark, destiny, adventure, expedition, cliffhanger, obscure, grave, apocalyptical, tragedy, sad, disaster, cult, ritual, attack, tribe, sacrifice, catastrophe, disaster, nature, big, epic, saga, history, universe, video, computer game, underscore, bed, soundtrack, theme
Mysterious creeping dramatic chase
148 BPM01:15
Main Version - Percussive action track with brass, strings, prepared piano.
84 BPM03:05
Experience the exotic sounds of the Far East. Features tuned gamelan, ghostly female vocals and alluring flute melodies. Version - Full Mix
132 BPM00:46
Drama - Suspense. Tense orchestral build. Full Mix.
122 BPM01:52
Rousing Orchestral movement. Version - Main
75 BPM02:52
Dark intrigues, preparation
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