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156 BPM00:23
World - Slovak. Emotional love theme with a positive feel. Version: 20 Second

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72 BPM04:05
World - Slovak. Emotional love theme with a positive feel. Version: Full Mix
144 BPM00:27
Light soft flitting woodwind to gentle lullaby features celeste 30SecAltv1
94 BPM00:43
Drama - Orchestral. Mischievous 1930music combined with renaissance age. Version: Full Mix
71 BPM02:28
Drama - Soundtrack - Orchestral. A short jog through the woods. Slow and timid sounds of a string arrangement. Full Mix.
128 BPM03:14
World - Slovak. Majestic start with this dramatic fairly tale feel. Version: Full Mix
104 BPM01:13
Cheerful car trip through Italy, solo piccolo flute
86 BPM03:00
World - Slovak. Melancholy flute over a lush strings mix. Version: Full Mix
Medium slow tempo broad sweeping nostalgic atmosphere romantic strings and woodwind with brass interjections
119 BPM02:16
Drama - Soundtrack - Orchestral. Midnight at the bar. You see a girl and dance the night away. With a rose in her mouth you tango till last call. Ole. Full Mix.
102 BPM01:13
Cheerful car drive through Italian landscape, symphony orchestra, piccolo
106 BPM01:13
Homeland report, folklore show, Bavarian show, mountain hiking
116 BPM00:50
Drama - Soundtrack - Orchestral. Ominous transition piece with flute. Full Mix.
84 BPM05:15
Love scene, encounter, trip through landscape, symphony orchestra
148 BPM00:30
Train whistle effects by woodwind
126 BPM02:08
Light jaunty pastoral waltz features strings
84 BPM00:44
Drama - Soundtrack - Orchestral. Slow and light orchestral track. Full Mix.
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