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84 BPM01:03
World - Slovak. Emotional love theme with a positive feel. Version: 60 Second

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72 BPM04:05
World - Slovak. Emotional love theme with a positive feel. Version: Full Mix
128 BPM03:14
World - Slovak. Majestic start with this dramatic fairly tale feel. Version: Full Mix
102 BPM06:12
World - Slovak. Magical folk track start to a majestic finish. Version: Full Mix
78 BPM03:52
World - Slovak. Danger awaits in this dramatic track start as it flows into a more optimistic feel. Version: Full Mix
102 BPM10:05
Dramatic orchestral introduction echoed by lighter answering phrase leading to lonely soulful violin theme. Movement develops with Alternative dramatic and light sections. Second theme introduced by violin building to crescendo with full orchestra at 5.26
86 BPM03:00
World - Slovak. Melancholy flute over a lush strings mix. Version: Full Mix
81 BPM03:12
Classical Italian theme w/ Russian sound - starts proud, shifts to light & festive. Version - Full Mix
77 BPM02:45
Floating and soothing, featuring warm strings and bagpipes that create a mournful, noble mood.
127 BPM04:50
World - Slovak. Pastoral string arrangement. Version: Full Mix
143 BPM01:36
Drama - Soundtrack - Orchestral. Dramatic score with Celtic flute. Full Mix.
102 BPM03:40
World - Slovak. Typical pastoral theme depicting Slovak countryside. Version: Full Mix
71 BPM02:28
Drama - Soundtrack - Orchestral. A short jog through the woods. Slow and timid sounds of a string arrangement. Full Mix.
74 BPM05:07
Justus Frantz - The Philharmonia of the Nations - Fanfare, War, Victory, Invasion, Oriental
112 BPM03:16
Heavy opening to the romantic melody from one of the most famous concertos for cello
114 BPM04:55
A rich, joyful and sweeping melodic string piece
85 BPM02:36
Drama - Soundtrack - Orchestral. Reflective piece. Best used for war time film score. Full Mix.
84 BPM03:34
Love scene, emotional, symphony orchestra
126 BPM02:08
Light jaunty pastoral waltz features strings
72 BPM04:03
World - Slovak. Slow dramatic pensive track to a melancholy feel. Version: Full Mix
143 BPM03:17
Medium tempo work alternating between light and heavy orchestration
154 BPM05:23
Medium up tempo proud stately theme by full orchestra. At 2.13 light flute answered by orchestra and returns to opening mood
84 BPM00:44
Drama - Soundtrack - Orchestral. Slow and light orchestral track. Full Mix.
142 BPM04:31
Up tempo bright powerful orchestral work with rousing ending
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