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80 BPM04:28
Adult Contemporary - Acoustic. Moody acoustic track. Full Mix.

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86 BPM01:01
A laid back and hypnotic track, easy and flowing. Version - Groove 60 Second
130 BPM03:30
130 BPM03:30
Mellow placid guitar and rhythm
90 BPM02:37
Advertising - Leisure. Informative, positive image, motivating, moving forward, fresh and modern, confident. Full Mix.
100 BPM01:35
Drama - Radio/TV. Isolation mood with a smooth drum beat. Version 1
90 BPM02:49
naive, cheerful kalimba pop tune with african folk music elements - 90 BPM, Full Mix
85 BPM03:37
Big funky RnB trip-hop groove
90 BPM03:04
Rolling bass guitar leading funky guitars. Version - Full Mix
90 BPM03:49
Africa, World, Urban, Lounge, Chill, Chillout, Techno, Electro, Travel, Mystery, Cool
153 BPM03:21
Rock - Alternative. Funky acoustic rock with a slide guitar and a melodic piano melody. Full Mix
101 BPM00:34
World - Exotic, Jingles. Pulsating, rhythmic. Percussion, drums, Tabla, fretless bass, French horn and guitar bits. 101 BPM. Full Mix
94 BPM00:45
Slow, funky, inner-city soul cue. Version - Full Mix
104 BPM02:33
Acoustic piano theme, rhythmics and drums loop, congas, electric guitar and keyboards. Moog solo. . Version - Full Mix
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