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100 BPM02:46
Fast, dramatic score with piano and triplet-arpeggiated strings.

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125 BPM05:51
Melancholic piano melody leads into a haunting orchestral theme
86 BPM03:08
Delicate piano keys and string textures develop with gradual urgency and intrigue. Poignant and insightful motion and movement score, ideal for curious and introspective factual drama, life journeys and documentary. 86BPM, D min.
90 BPM03:17
Slow evolving ambient melodic theme with a nostalgic touch
0 BPM02:30
Repetitive electronic background pattern with the warmth of panoramic string pads. Nature, news, science and the natural world background bed.
0 BPM03:00
Graceful, refined and intimate string score with a timeless elegance. Tender and flowing with a serene mood and gentle beauty. Ideal for the arts, regal docudrama, pastoral nature and history.
141 BPM03:44
Hopeful and motivational score with tension-building strings, piano and pads.
64 BPM04:05
Adrift in the aether. String tremolo provides tension against a wonderous piano, while the woodwind provides celestial innocence.
115 BPM03:17
The leading piano theme is floating like a mysterious daydream in an exotic world. Female vocal textures complement with strings to a curious Atlantis feel. 115 BPM. Full mix.
86 BPM02:28
Drama - Romance. This playful and active piece is great for a romance film.
88 BPM02:15
88 BPM02:15
A beautiful, fluttering string intro leading to a beautiful and gentle build and mood
100 BPM02:39
Drama - Soundtrack. A lone violin wails for broken memories, lost loves, or an exodus from your homeland. Subtle throbs help push the mood and keep things moving to a watery mid-section. Our violinist brings a brief sense of hope, but the dramatic pulse picks up again near the end. Full Mix.
116 BPM02:09
Driving and attention grabbing strings, woodwind and percussion with a stirring tone
80 BPM05:02
Shimmering stirring emotive theme soaring above the clouds
114 BPM02:58
114 BPM02:58
Sweeping, and propulsive classical piece for a hard-won triumph of the human spirit
60 BPM02:12
Warm and soothing, featuring pulsing piano and smooth strings that create a reflective and sentimental mood.
138 BPM02:38
String sound design with echoing piano, violin & chimes. Drifting through nature
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