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80 BPM02:25
calm, quiet opening of floating strings and choir graciously humming a christmas tune. the magical season of wonder and miracles. strings come alive @ 1'11 leaping of joy. bold brass beautifully rising, wishing merry christmas to all, 80 BPM

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90 BPM01:59
stern woodwinds accompany cheerful strings as they hop across the rocky stream, playful beginnings lead into a dramatic orchestral adventure, 90 BPM
70 BPM02:36
epic christmas awakening. sparkling. tubular bells are heard during this holy season as strings climb steadily and snow falls thick. dramatically picking up epic momentum and grandeur. dubstep spiral drops @ 2'01 opening to a grand orchestral finale, 70 BPM
65 BPM02:28
rapid fairytale steps explore new lands, lighthearted orchestra of strings, woodwinds and brass, gliding magnificence and charming innocence, 65 BPM
80 BPM02:29
slow-building, expansive orchestral cue with excited strings, victorious horns and motivational cinematic percussion celebrating the dream of victory, 80 BPM
Warm family orchestral score that builds with heartfelt strings taking you on a soaring fantasy adventure.
110 BPM01:54
joyful hollywood string cascades and sweeping brass bring forth an epic orchestra sound combining the grand royal anthem and a classic christmas carol with angelic singing, rising strings and magnificent timpani explosions, 110 BPM
120 BPM02:01
pleasant hollywood-style orchestra rising with bold brass and joyful strings, adventurous, becoming dramatic and grand at times, climbing, boasting large-screen cinematic family action, 120 BPM
69 BPM02:47
Mysterious magic radiates from subtle strings and harp in the opening, with passionate choir and brass arrangements entering to increase the epic majesty in this sweeping trailer build. Version - Full
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