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70 BPM02:36
epic christmas awakening. sparkling. tubular bells are heard during this holy season as strings climb steadily and snow falls thick. dramatically picking up epic momentum and grandeur. dubstep spiral drops @ 2'01 opening to a grand orchestral finale, 70 BPM

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80 BPM02:25
calm, quiet opening of floating strings and choir graciously humming a christmas tune. the magical season of wonder and miracles. strings come alive @ 1'11 leaping of joy. bold brass beautifully rising, wishing merry christmas to all, 80 BPM
130 BPM03:20
Heavy and adventurous, featuring weighty strings and brass that create a heroic, courageous mood.
120 BPM02:31
Heroic and unstoppable with cinematic elements, featuring lush strings and percussion that create an awe-inspiring, determined mood.
120 BPM02:19
Heroic and motivational score with emotional touches. Featuring strings, synth, electric guitar, percussion and choir.
69 BPM02:47
Mysterious magic radiates from subtle strings and harp in the opening, with passionate choir and brass arrangements entering to increase the epic majesty in this sweeping trailer build. Version - Full
128 BPM03:30
A new hope for mankind is upon us, destined to save the world and preserve our way of life for all eternity. A beautiful and ethereal intro transitions into racing, powerful strings and majestic brass, building into a heroic climax with huge percussion and emotional, soaring choir proving we will survive. Soundtrack - Trailer - Action, Epic. 64/128 BPM. Full Mix.
100 BPM03:30
beeping synth, building with intense string movements and thunderous drums. constantly rising. dark stabs, brass @ 0'40. forceful hybrid orchestra, perfect for any thrilling adventure scene. hoist the sails! - 100 BPM, Full Mix
120 BPM02:16
bowed strings rise agitatedly jumping at great speeds joined by daring brass and distant drum explosions. the holy rush is on, thriving towards freedom, 120 BPM
90 BPM03:06
subtle heartbeat, strings slowly rising. graceful choir. gradually building with excitement and joy. when heroes get together - 90 BPM, Full Mix
118 BPM03:16
A triumphant two section structure, epic and powerful
118 BPM02:37
The great saga is told. A tale of beauty and danger. Warm, but heavy melody and harmony with full orchestra and choir starts the track. @ :48, a held chord sustains and builds tension and breaks @ :54. Drum rolls and cymbal rises introduce the next section @ :57. The string section chugs along while the brass fills in the harmony and choir gives the high melody. The energy rise to the next level @ 1:40 with big percussion hits. @ 1:58, the strings build up more anticipation by rising in pitch and reaches to the top @ 2:02. The brass takes over the melody with choir doubling in the back. @ 2:20, a tension riser section with the full orchestra that builds until 2:27. Low strings and brass softly end the track. Film/TV - Epic, Score/Trailer. 118 BPM. Full Mix.
100 BPM02:41
Stirring emotive beginning builds with soaring brass, strings, thunderous drums and lush choir to a heroic call-to-arms climax.
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