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80 BPM02:10
hells bells ringing, deep drone. scary female voice faintly calls out, picking up speed. an alarming build-up of string tremolos, striking drums and brass @ 0'54. ghostly theme interrupted by shocking silences. slowly opening the gates of hell, 80 BPM

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80 BPM02:19
gritty alarm sirens over a desolate wasteland. metallic, morbid. when the sirens fall silent piano chords move steadily onwards, searching, observing. grainy dubstep fx smack and crash with brutal force, 80 BPM
90 BPM02:27
scary textures and dull hits build up patiently, orchestral swells and string staccatos interrupted by deadly silences. strange ghostly voices rising @ 1'10, 90 BPM
90 BPM02:35
Electronic soundtrack with orchestral touches. Great for sci-fi movies and games. Grows into a massive epic ending.
75 BPM03:50
sullen reality, piano drops, drones growl beneath shrill chords, dubstep sfx, strings intensify dramatically, slamming impacts, brass regally advances, soaring, determined, magnificent. Beethoven's waldstein sonata 21 op.53 redefined, 75 BPM
120 BPM01:23
120 BPM01:23
Immediate blast of visceral tension as the action enters a critical phase.
150 BPM02:54
Evolving atmospheric drones combine with a sparse, moody electric guitar motif and monster metallic hits as this track builds with militaristic rhythms to create the feel of unavoidable confrontation with a darker power.
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