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85 BPM00:31
short version - 85 BPM, 30 Seconds

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74 BPM00:37
Uplifting and positive alternative rock layers, creating a determined and motivated vibe.
77 BPM01:53
Unstoppable, one word to describe this exhilarating Rock track that builds as heavy drums, euphoric electric guitars, bouncy bass, and cheer worthy claps awaken the winner with! Sports, Rising, Reality TV, Uplifting, Ads, Excitement.
150 BPM02:23
Rock, Positive, Euphoric, Energetic, Powerful, Guitar, Fast, Up tempo, Driving, Sports. Rock. 150 BPM. Full.
180 BPM01:58
Rock - Punk Rock, Power Pop, Punk Pop, Skate or die, SoCal punk tune. Fast tempo rock guitars with driving drums. Octave lead guitar lines over energetic guitar and drum beds. Plenty of breaks and things to hit and edit to here. Breakdown and slow build at :11-:32. Breaks at :40 and :51. Breakdown and put it back together at 1:03-1:26. Breaks at 1:34, and 1:44-end. Action, Aggressive, Sports, Driving, Strong, Driving, Heavy Beat, Guitars, Drums, Bass, 180 bpm. Full Mix
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