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103 BPM02:15
Underscore version of track #1. Reduced mix with questioning and lonely beginning turns positive and bright @01:18. 103 BPM. Underscore.

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88 BPM02:05
Anxious piano leading into synths & minimal electronic beat
103 BPM02:41
Atmospheric beginning with electric guitar gaining confidence until breakdown @00:58. Beat drops in again @01:56, climax at the end. 103 BPM. Full mix.
77 BPM02:32
Cold piano with deep bass drum & intensifying sound design. A slow grower, strings & guitar join. Personal tragedy. Journey.
71 BPM02:42
Movie & TV Scores. Solemn But Uplifting Organ Piano Drums Powerful Inspiring Landscape Panoramic Vista Emotive Gentle Tender Beauty Beautiful Heartfelt Mesmerising Melancholy Heartbreak Thoughtful Warm Hopeful Soaring Cinematic Barren Desolate Wind-Swept Minimal Textures Documentary Post Rock Wellness Soaring Impassioned Stirring Rousing Motivating. Full Mix. 71 Bpm.
57 BPM02:03
Gentle insistent piano & guitar sparse suspense underscore medical hospital tension illness surgery drama minimalistic science nursing ambulance recuperating recovery treatment healthcare doctors surgery emotional discovery investigation current affairs reflective sombre empty illness mellow poignant loneliness yearning divorce pensive
80 BPM02:41
Dark, intense theme with a troublimg mood of rumination and apprehension.
100 BPM03:13
Resonant rhythm of positivity and hope with a sense of bravery and fearlessness.
111 BPM02:04
Dramatic, Tragic Ballad, A Bad News Report. Version - Full Mix
75 BPM01:55
This beautiful, refined Ambient/New-Age piece features delicate piano, magical textures and stirring electric guitar. Innocent, gentle and heartfelt.
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