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175 BPM01:51
Christmas theme played by punk rock. Fast, powerful and fun.

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169 BPM01:06
Rock - Alternative. California sunset, fast cars, cool kids and big time attitude with melodic guitars, hyped-up drums and pounding bass. POI @ :24 a tight groove emerges with huge, syncopated guitars and bass that kicks right back into the summery anthem and drives this feel-good rocker home! Forever Young! Full Mix. 169 bpm.
160 BPM02:43
Driving rock beats and purposeful guitars build to an explosive chorus filled with anger and grit.
170 BPM01:24
Supremely enjoyable, fast paced punky swagger down the aisle.
90 BPM01:42
RAW REVIVALS Spirited and heart racing indie rock euphoria
152 BPM01:18
Promo - Contemporary. Chug some of this retro, indie-rock jungle juice featuring killer distorted guitars, slammin' drums and a gritty bass that lay down the attitude while retro transistor/computer efx and groovy tambourine show The Man who's boss... POI :41 hang ten with a sweet guitar solo as the party rages on with a kitshcy 60's organ and screaming guitar licks! Retro-Kremlin-Beach-Party-Blowout! Full Mix
195 BPM02:35
A furious concoction of energy, attitude and strength. Featuring pulsing, gritty guitars and high-energy beats.
170 BPM02:47
Skipster indie with trucker capped guitars and bass. Road Trip Indie. 170bpm. Main Mix.
176 BPM01:08
Rock - Alternative. Pump your fist to this anthemic, high-energy jam featuring a hooky distorted lead, lazer-tight, blistering rock drums and bass and harmonizing guitars. POI :33 switch gears with an explosive bridge featuring even more assaulting guitars and relentless rock mayhem! Full Mix. 176 bpm.
165 BPM02:44
Fast-paced drums, confident stabbing guitars and cool melodies build to a propulsive chorus filled with energy and attitude.
170 BPM01:07
Rock - Alternative. Don't get in the way of this relentless, driving riff-rock frenzy featuring infectious guitars, powerful commanding drums and tight bass. POI @ :30 lead guitar takes a break for a electrifying, majestic bridge that races to the finish. Lookout cause we're kickin' ass and takin' names! Full Mix. 170 bpm.
85 BPM01:50
Untroubled, worry free and probably slightly buzzed, a youthful, inspirational power punk tune for the unruly and unsupervised!
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