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120 BPM02:31
Mysterious underwater movements accompanied by electronic instruments. 120 BPM. Full mix.

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120 BPM02:08
This percolating, anticipatory, rhythmic bed evolves gracefully with xylophone, rhythmic acoustic guitars, bubbling electronics and propulsive percussion, topped with a light, ever-so-mysterious motif to amp up the intrigue.
120 BPM02:31
Minimal percussive cue is a perfect light tension scene setter
92 BPM01:58
Building magical theme on strings, piano, marimba and pizzicato creating an atmosphere of wonderment
0 BPM02:25
Pizzicato strings work with strong bass and percussion to set up a tense juxtaposition
85 BPM02:43
Intense, hushed pizzicato strings accented by powerful hits and ticking muted guitar beat. Ticking clock percussion enters. Gentle piano, tense marimba, and mysterious harp take turns on melody. Energy peaks, then fades out to final rolling swell.
0 BPM02:24
Simple and sparse percussion and sound design. Clock ticking momentum with a sense of suspense and waiting for results. Ideal for reality tv, cooking, game shows and current affairs.
110 BPM02:22
Drama and intrigue crafted for survival situations in film scores and reality TV
129 BPM00:45
half drama echo-marimba-hits and pizzicato string section, somehow agitating but in a subtle way, 129 BPM, Full Mix
92 BPM02:56
Glitchy mysterious sci-fi suspenseful with nice dynamics featuring marimba
145 BPM02:46
145 BPM02:46
Sweeping grandeur, flugelhorn & orchestra. Version - Main
130 BPM00:56
mysterious and intriguing marimba and metal bowl patterns over medium paced percussion bed. serious and dark, slowly increasing in intensity, 130 BPM, Full Mix
120 BPM02:00
soft hang drum cycling, mallets, a rapid succession of marimba notes, agitating percussion, fast tinkling strings, deep bass tones. the task at hand is of utter importance, e.g. illicitly walking in moms high heels, C minor, 120 BPM
86 BPM02:08
dark string section, agitating. subtle synth pulse. obscure, suspenseful, shadowy. cool beat @ 0'55, piano @ 1'18 - 86 BPM, Full Mix
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