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120 BPM03:21
Christmas orchestral theme with choir remixed into powerful electro French touch.

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120 BPM02:26
Rock - Electronica, Dance, World, A hip, world-beat, hypnotic dance groove with melodic acoustic guitar. Fast tempo. 120BPM. Full Mix.
118 BPM00:43
Perfect theme for a bumper
100 BPM02:04
Breezy and airy synths blow by, pumping programmed drum and bass grooves with old-school, positive sounding keyboard melodies overtop. Version - Full Mix
120 BPM01:03
Dance the night away! This super-fun, infectious dance-pop track soars with fresh synths, playful guitars, lively piano, bumpin' bass and upbeat 4-on-the-floor drums! C'mon get UP!
110 BPM02:19
A touch of light in heavy electronica. Version - Main
120 BPM02:28
This high-spirited electro track features modern disco vibes through grooving electric bass lines, energetic beats and bright keys while joyful synths and vocals emphasize euphoria. Version - Full
122 BPM02:12
This frenetic, super-fun electro-pop/electronic track lights up with sprightly arpeggios, buzzy synths, deep bass, playful leads and invigorating drums creating a playful, fresh and kinetic sound! #Twinklebots #BigShinySynths #Fun
100 BPM02:22
Contemplative pop electronica with soothing glitched vocals and cascading synth bells. Breakdown at 58" welcomes a calming soundscape.
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