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90 BPM00:30
Here's the sound of Memphis, Tennessee. blues and moisture.

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160 BPM01:49
Urban - Jazz. Laid back smooth electric jazz guitar with a funky vibe. Full Mix
108 BPM02:39
Feel good blues rock mood. Make people happy together.
98 BPM03:15
Blues - Delta. Minor blues with strong electric guitar melody and Hammond B3 accompaniment. Full Mix
98 BPM00:33
Blues - Americana, Jingles. Slow to medium, melancholy blues. Mourning for a lost love. 98 BPM. Full Mix
98 BPM00:33
Blues - Bluesy chart with an electric guitar lead with a little edge and attitude. Medium. Full Mix.
100 BPM02:24
Urban - Funk. Relaxed funk feel. Full Mix
90 BPM02:10
Happy and groovy syncopated blues rock.
93 BPM03:31
Rock - Alternative. Bouncy rhythm with funky guitar, Tremolo Wurly and slide solo. Fast picking action at surprising end. Full Mix
83 BPM02:45
Gritty walking-tempo soul groove inspired by the city of Memphis.
115 BPM00:33
Rock - Blues - Country - Folk - Metal - Guitars - Punk - Rock, Guitars.
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