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87 BPM03:01
Tender folk/acoustic ballad.

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87 BPM03:01
Tender folk/acoustic ballad.
90 BPM01:55
Romantic, easy going, positive, atmospheric, pulsating, flowing, melodic, smooth, mellow, easy acoustic pop theme with piano and whistled melody.
80 BPM03:22
Relaxed American folk ballad.
70 BPM02:22
Piano, fretless bass and brush drum kit.
64 BPM02:03
Rich, Pop/RnB influenced track slows life down to that sweet spot, where you can take the time to savor the good things in life. Slow-jam piano, bass and drum trio. Relaxed, Romantic, Slow, Easy. Commercial, Program, Reality, Promo, Documentary, DIY.
92 BPM02:18
Powerful pop piano with driving inspirational energy. Peppy drums drive the song along a happy path. Lots of soul and determination. Slows down for sentimental finish at 1:44.
145 BPM02:16
Pop. Smooth but flashy piano and uplifting bass. Gets groovy with bouncing drums and refreshing strings.
75 BPM02:59
Delicate, Melancholy, Chic, Piano, Percussions, Drums, Synth. Version - Full Mix
114 BPM02:15
Simple piano melodies with frosty sounding bells deliver a sweet sentiment and build with a dynamic rhythm section and echoing guitar lead. . Version - Full Mix
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