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103 BPM01:01
The smooth guitar takes you away in the spirit of optimism. 60s version of track #1.103 BPM. 60Sec.

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116 BPM02:28
Sport - Olympic / Heroic / Epic. Olympic Sport Heroes reflective proud triumphant confident determined striving relentless inspirational uplifting heroic. Full Mix. 116 BPM.
150 BPM02:12
Drama - Rock - Tension. Acoustic setup develops into massive rock ballad. POI: Acoustic intro 0-0:18, Feel good groove 0:18-1:00, Breakdown reload 1:04-1:22, Glory Theme 1:22-2:10. Uses: Power Ballad, Intense Emotion, Drama, Epic. 150 bpm. Full Mix.
130 BPM03:08
130 BPM03:08
Slow building, atmospheric pads with echoing piano and guitar notes leads into a pulsing, victorious tune with soaring electric guitars and a positive acoustic guitar melody.
100 BPM01:51
Spacious chords & arpeggiated synths, simple piano melody, electric guitar & light drums.
96 BPM01:52
Drama - Rock - Tension. Touching acoustic guitar intro grows to emotional alternative rock theme. POI: Sensitive Intro 0-0:32, Theme Groove 0:32-1:03, Bring It Home 1:03-1:47. Uses: Human Interest, Inspiration. 96 bpm. Full Mix.
118 BPM02:12
118 BPM02:12
Folk-influenced and upbeat, steady kick drum, easy synthesizer treatments and acoustic guitar melodies launch into dramatic, heavy hits and a fun double-time outro with a sunny disposition.
112 BPM02:06
Folk Pop. Elegant organ sings out with delicate guitars. Takes off with pounding beats and bright percussive elements at :45. Heavy beating and light guitar at 1:05. Builds to an inspiring end.
134 BPM02:00
Slow sad emotional beginning that quickly picks up at :15 with a positive piano and driving drums. Motivating inspiring strings. Triumphant drums.
150 BPM02:19
Morning rise with hope and determination on acoustic guitar, electric guitar, strings and drum kit
125 BPM01:38
A-Dur A lighthearted track to relax and enjoy. It will put a smile of pleasure on your face. 125 BPM. Full mix.
70 BPM01:03
Thoughtful and carefree indie pop beginning builds with a heartwarming happiness.
153 BPM02:29
Romance - Pop - Comedy. Act One: Contemplative, day dreamy intro (0-0:31) segues to love struck bounce (0:31-1:06). Act Two: This real love intro leads into spirited, love-ecstatic ending (1:06-2:25). 153 bpm. Full Mix.
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