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120 BPM01:59
easygoing daft funk disco with precise guitars and relaxed feel. timeless, casual, uplifting - 120 BPM, Full Mix

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120 BPM01:44
Groovy, funky, party, confident, lively, fashion, youth, party, club dance, cheerful , happy, warm, lifestyle, holiday, urban, synthesizer, drum machine, guitar. Version - Full Mix
120 BPM03:35
120 BPM03:35
Funky wah-wah guitar on a fresh beat. Version - Full Mix
110 BPM02:24
Funky, Sexy, Stylish, Confident. A lively, flamboyant funkalicious tune perfect for any 70's themed show. Fast tempo. Rock - Funk, Pop, 70's. 110 BPM. Full Mix.
114 BPM01:04
Positive funk groove with female vocals and squeaky turntable action. Version - Full Mix
122 BPM02:15
Period & Archival - Kitsch Retro Lounge - Disco. Full Mix. BPM 122.
120 BPM02:21
120 BPM02:21
Happy & upbeat brass, guitar and piano underscore. Version - Main
120 BPM02:30
Rock - Funk. Relaxed paced funky track, with a slight 80's sound. Full Mix
110 BPM02:05
Beat - Advertising - Promotion - Rock, Quirky. Bust out the polyester, hop in the Cadillac and cruise along as we ride in this funked-out, booty-shakin', dance-party featuring gritty electric pianos, tight horns, sweet congas and groovy drums. POI at :35 The crowd comes alive with "I want it" as the drums and guitars freak-the-funk. The jam gets even deeper as we sweat the night away with a frenzy of hot brass and fiery beats! That's right! 110 BPM. Full Mix.
121 BPM02:45
Funk fused, toe tapping pop. Feeling good about the way you look.
122 BPM04:20
Mysterious and ethereal pads intro takes off into space funk with cosmic synth, quirky clavinet, propelling percussions and beat. 122 BPM, Full Mix
122 BPM03:24
Dance track, Robot Funk
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