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163 BPM02:21
A Fiery Fast Paced Arrangement of "We Three Kings" Based on Vivaldi's Summer Movement 3.

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117 BPM02:44
A vibrant version on "Joy To The World" in the style of Vivaldi's Seasons suite Spring movement 1.
132 BPM03:52
A Beautiful orchestration of "The Holly And The Ivy" reminiscent of Vivaldi's Autumn movement 3.
136 BPM03:05
Enjoy this buoyant rendition of "Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel" written in the style of Vivaldi's Winter Movement 1.
93 BPM03:58
Happy and positive classical piece with beautiful counterpoint.
100 BPM04:49
Uptempo and agitated concerto featuring strings ensemble and harpsichord.
164 BPM05:47
Classical - Quartet. The Fast Fourth Movement to Dvorak Op. 96 has a Bold start that moves to a calm middle and moves to a big Finnish, all featuring around the American Theme Performed by Wihan Quartet. 164 BPM. Full Mix.
94 BPM05:38
Elegant and graceful movement with crescendos, diminuendos and counterpoint.
122 BPM03:05
classical cartoon-like violin & bass feature - Italian. Version - Full Mix
142 BPM05:27
Justus Frantz - The Philharmonia of the Nations - Happiness, Romantic, Graceful, Charming
137 BPM02:48
light, dignified, aristocratic with bright violin. Version - Full Mix
80 BPM09:21
Love, Energy, Excitement, Dream
163 BPM06:49
Serious forceful work by strings and harpsichord. Softer section at 2.20
83 BPM04:09
Charming and elegant yet playful string quartet piece
119 BPM05:08
Celebration of peasants, singing and dancing, pleasure of rich harvest, liquor of Bacchus.
126 BPM03:57
Jingle Bells a la Vivaldi based off the famous four seasons winter movement 1 with twinkling solo violin and crisp chamber orchestra.
122 BPM02:54
Summer storm, lightning in the sky, dancing of droplets, drama of clouds.
88 BPM04:08
Double step dance, Czech countryside, saloons of XIX. century, romantic bravery, sligt irony.
133 BPM04:45
Lively movement written in a traditional sonata form. Cheeky violin melody with skittish supporting lines make a playful close to the famous well known piece.
125 BPM10:10
Classical - Orchestral. Sinfonia Concertante in D major for Oboe, Bassoon and Orchestra Full Mix.
143 BPM03:31
Classical - Chamber. Slower Allegro, Virtuoso Solo Violin, pulsing, Soaring String group Great varied dynamics Performed by the City Of Prague Philharmonic Chamber Group. 143 BPM. Full Mix.
142 BPM00:31
30 Sec - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Happiness, Romantic, Graceful, Charming
110 BPM06:36
Triumph, Trust, Happiness, Applause / Clapping at 6:03
138 BPM03:58
Justus Frantz - The Philharmonia of the Nations - Happiness, Romantic, Graceful, Charming
107 BPM07:34
Sometimes referred to as the great G minor symphony. Elegant violin led melodies with supporting flowing movement. Think of beautiful surroundings and exclusive settings.
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