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100 BPM02:52
Electro dub mixed with a jazzy Rhodes. Lounge mood. Version - Full Mix

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100 BPM02:57
Electro lounge mood with repetitive bass pattern, Rhodes and FX. Version - Full Mix
88 BPM02:16
Cool and soulful modern R&B groove. Version - Full Mix
0 BPM05:15
Atmospheric groove with muted trumpet, Film/TV, movie, documentary, news, science, technology, drama, urban, people, nature, underscore, weather channel, homepage, atmosphere, ambient, themes, lounge, chill out, lifestyle, relax, chic, prestige, electronic, contemporary, fashion, pulsating, flowing, melodic, smooth, mellow, sophisticated, instruments
80 BPM03:20
Electronic - Chill, Downtempo. Mesmerizing guitar, strings, bass & piano theme over chilled out groove. Full Mix.
92 BPM02:02
Hip Hop, R&B, Urban, Groovy, Rap, Beats, Gangsta, Cool, DJ, Swagger, Gangster, Crime, Pimp, X-rated, Sensual, Sexy, Slow, Chillout, Slick, Electronic Drums, Synthesizer. 92 BPM. Full Mix.
82 BPM02:04
Main Version - Relaxed downbeat with a leading Wurlitzer accompanied by bass, drums, scratches and synth pads.
100 BPM00:52
Poppy track with something mysterious
100 BPM00:56
Sensual dance
87 BPM02:58
Cool, smooth swagger drips off this Big Apple beat.
95 BPM02:47
Driving Funk bass features electric piano on a hip hop beat. Bass solo @1'41. Relaxed & romantic.
89 BPM03:41
Urban - Funk. Relaxed funk with piano; a reflective cool down after a hard day. Full Mix
95 BPM01:47
The phone rings... "Sure, it's late...come on over. A friend? Sure...that'll be fine." Kickin back in anticipation, romantic strings, and simple beats. Tribute to Aaliyah...R.I.P. Version - Full Mix
107 BPM04:11
107 BPM04:11
Cool easy gentle
92 BPM02:33
Urban - R&B. Soulful laid back urban track. Rhythm guitar with some strings and synth elements backed by a groovy bass and drum beat. Full Mix
93 BPM03:12
93 BPM03:12
Loungy beat, easy electric pianos
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