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132 BPM02:03
Funky song with happy bass pattern. Easy listening and funk/disco mood. Evokes party preparations when boys and girls are so happy to party with friends. Version - Full Mix

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120 BPM01:04
Dance & Electronica - World - Club, Lifestyle, Fashion. Full Mix. BPM 120.
122 BPM04:20
Mysterious and ethereal pads intro takes off into space funk with cosmic synth, quirky clavinet, propelling percussions and beat. 122 BPM, Full Mix
123 BPM02:29
Hip guitar riffs, fun synth melodies, bright piano progressions and grooving beats evoke confidence and excitement in this blissful modern RnB tune. Version - Full
118 BPM02:28
Children & Comedy - Pop, Rock. Boppy Little Happy Track, Children, Active Kids, Electronic, Quirky, Play, Fun, Positive, Happy Days, Energy, Dance About, Jump Up And Down, Rockin, Cheery, Joy, Colourful, Bright, Sunny, Sunshine, Carefree, Happy-Go-Lucky, Chipper, Friendly, Smile, Holiday, Growing Up, Innocent, Cute, Happy, Skipping, Dinosaurs, Joyous, Educational, Sharing, Flowers, Gardens, Kiddie, Hide And Seek, Games, Giddy, Jolly. Full Mix.
128 BPM03:05
Fresh and uplifting disco cue with lots of energy.
105 BPM03:01
Choppy offbeat drums and guitars burst into a lively and bright indie pop chorus.
121 BPM02:45
Funk fused, toe tapping pop. Feeling good about the way you look.
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