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85 BPM00:30
Light; Intrigue; Mystery; Melancholy;. Version - 30 Second

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85 BPM01:23
Light; Intrigue; Mystery; Melancholy;. Version - Full Mix
104 BPM00:22
Bridge, transition, creeping, moving, tension, pulse, mysterious, evolving, ominous, crime, foreboding, sneaking, suspenseful, pulsating accents, swelling cinematic orchestral strings, pizzicato strings, woodwinds, cymbal swells, dramatic, obscure, secrets, searching, burglar, burglary, eerie, lurk, stalking, stealthy, psychological thriller, soundtrack, film, TV, movie, documentary, drama, trailers, reality-tv, crime scene, investigation, detection, observation, true crime story, CSI, FBI, CIA, CIS, police, agent, spy, detective, cops, undercover, coup, robbery, murder, killer, victim, arcane, strange, shadow, suspect, suspicious, mafia, noir, dark, city, homicide, espionage, intrigue, affairs, dangerous, danger, suspense, conflict, criminals, thief, gangster, dealer, drugs, evidence, blackmail, blacklist, cyber crime, computer hacker, sneaky, sabotage, dramedy, ironic, crimedy, report, journalism, theme, bed, underscore
116 BPM02:16
curious, sneaky, cute. pizzicato melody, glockenspiel & strings. some secrets in a closet are about to be exposed - F minor, 116 BPM, Full Mix
120 BPM01:35
A baffling orchestra with lots of melodic and orchestration twists and turns, from simple glockenspiel themes to blaring orchestra. Version - Full Mix
86 BPM01:02
Drama - Soundtrack. These orchestral parts are filled with adventure and fantasy of the unknown. 60 Second.
164 BPM02:07
Classical - Orchestral. (Carnival of the Animals Mov. VII) A selection of well known classical works invaluable for use in post production, Mysterious, Magical, Sorcerer, Wonder. Full Mix.
159 BPM01:29
Spiralling towards a self-inflicted state of hysteria. Stabbing strings with a circular marimba motif heightens the sense of paranoia and impending doom!
105 BPM02:56
Curiosity and playful suspicion arises, light hearted, intrigue, sweeping orchestral underscore with magical elements
68 BPM01:07
Ironic, comedy, crime, humorous, lively, easy, positive, moving orchestral theme.
148 BPM00:44
Drama - Soundtrack. Dominant pizzicato strings and staccato brass section with a very menacing and suspenseful feel. Full Mix
120 BPM00:20
Stately string 1,2,3 with lyrical piano melody. Creeping in the pantry. Version - Full
121 BPM02:19
Drama - Orchestral. Period style orchestration builds to a climax with fireworks. Full Mix
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