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90 BPM00:32
FX intro, accordion theme in the way of Chopin (Waltz #3). Version - 30 Second

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111 BPM02:42
FX intro, accordion theme in the way of Chopin (Waltz #3). Version - Full Mix
84 BPM03:28
Accordion solo with effect intro, bass, and drums. Version - Full Mix
107 BPM03:00
Peaceful Piano Waltz With Bass And Guitar Arpeggios. Sounds Like An Old French Movie Score. Some Nostalgia But Still Hope. Accordion Theme And Solo From 0:54. Version - Full Mix
90 BPM02:21
Continuous accordion solo in the way of Chopin (Waltz #3). Version - Full Mix
120 BPM02:59
Filtered accordion with percussion, noises, bass, and electric guitar. Version - Full Mix
120 BPM01:45
Romantic and slow accordion theme with piano, jazzy drums, classical guitar and strings. Kind of peaceful piano bar music, dreamy, retro. Version - Full Mix
90 BPM04:46
Poignant, intimate and reflective melodica melodies over a pulsing bed of thoughtful electric piano and atmospheric guitars create a delicate & touching mood for documentaries, human stories, lonely landscapes and nature.
73 BPM01:56
Repetitive and romantic waltz theme, with two accordions responding to each other and piano, accelerating from very slow to fast. Very delicate version. Theme is playing faster and faster. Version - Full Mix
70 BPM01:13
TV/Film. A sad and sorrowful song. Version 1.
118 BPM03:48
Gypsy - Cafe, European. Mournful, reflective melody. Orchestral strings, piano and celeste with violin, clarinet and accordion. Full Mix
90 BPM03:17
Accordion theme intro with bass and percussion. Version - Full Mix
113 BPM02:07
Nostalgic waltz with accordion melody. Version - Full Mix
70 BPM02:44
Melancholic clarinet and accordion melody. Version - Full Mix
90 BPM02:59
Accordion intro with electric guitar theme and filtered drums. Version - Full Mix
100 BPM03:19
Delicate piano and accordion theme with violins and classical guitar. Some mystery and peace evoking mist on Montmartre and the SacrCoeur in the night when everyone is sleeping when time seems to be suspended. Violins seem to be falling at the end. Version - Full Mix
75 BPM03:20
Slow and nostalgic theme with accordion, piano, jazzy guitar, small drums and double bass. Evoking an autumn night, the rain and a man lost in the middle of Paris. Version - Full Mix
64 BPM00:29
Bridge, transition, ending, evolving, tender, sentimental, reflective, delicate, flowing, gentle, thoughtful, human emotion, folky, atmospheric, heartfelt, storytelling, loving, touching, memories, romantic, love, melancholy, warmhearted, light drama, countryside, pastoral, balkan, sclavic, romania, bulgaria, serbia, croatia, hungary, poland, russia, piano, accordion, clarinet, film, TV, movie, documentary, drama, fiction, reality-tv, docudrama, human, stories, story, destiny, fate, lost, sad, sadness, lonely, lonesome, alone, landscape, nature, history, historical, nostalgic, biography, truth, true stories, biography, soundtrack, underscore, theme
0 BPM01:43
Mysterious, ominous, reflective, lonely, atmospheric, destiny, foreboding, a sophisticated lonesome melodeon melody covered by a floating ominous rhodes piano and processed soft bell sounds, cinematic, jazzy, film noir, Film/TV, movie, documentary, lifestyle, boulevard, magazine, report, drama, theme, underscore, suspense, delicate, fragile, detective, crime, coup stories, investigation, city life, night life, street life, stylish, modern, art, design, architecture, classy, retro, prestige, jazz, acoustic contemporary urban
107 BPM05:02
Relaxing, Meditation, Melancholy, Harpe, Harp, Synthetiseur, Synths, Guitare, Guitar, Guitare Classique, Classical Guitar, Accordeon, Accordion. Version - Full Mix
100 BPM02:58
Nostalgic accordion theme with jazzy electric guitar and piano. Evoking the end of a French detective movie, when the detective leaves the scene alone. Violin solo @ 1:27. Version - Full Mix
101 BPM02:37
Jazz - Ragtime. A dignified tango ballad with a French influence featuring a lazy accordion accompanied by a plucky guitar and pizzicato strings.
120 BPM03:05
Nostalgic and romantic accordion theme with piano and trumpets. Slow tempo. Some jazzy touch. Very dreamy mood, accordion playing high-keys. Evoking Paris in the early morning when the city is quiet, between night and day. Version - Full Mix
128 BPM03:19
A beautiful and warmhearted melodica theme with a flowing harmonic accompaniment by harp and electric piano inspired by nature and a simple and unpretentious way of life. Gentle, soothing, peaceful and serene.
0 BPM01:48
Easy, romantic, positive, optimistic, gentle, reflective, a nostalgic and moving theme with acoustic piano, bells and accordion , Film/TV, movie, documentary, drama, news stories, reality tv, lifestyle, leisure, family stories, friendship, friends, romance, romantic, love, caring, care, aid, help, emotions, beautiful, wonderful, sensitive, health, fairytale, trailer, promo, underscore, atmosphere, ambient, bed, themes, ad, commercial, melodic, contemporary acoustic
111 BPM02:51
Weird accordion mood. Kind of modern jazz waltz improvisation. Accordion solo. Version - Full Mix
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